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How Champagne From A Vending Machine Taught Me to Say YES to Life!

What a week I’ve had. OMG… I HAVE to share this with you…

I found… wait for it…

a champagne vending machine!!!

I knowwwww!!! (lol why am I like this??)

I posted it on my IG stories. Did you see it?

Cynthia Garcia, champagne vending machineHere’s how it went down…

On Thursday, Zak and I needed a date night. You know, just some alone time to connect and share what’s going on with each other.

We live full lives and it’s important to make time to check in and see how we’re each doing, what we need, and how we can better support each other.

You get it.

So, we head to this restaurant in our neighborhood that we’ve been wanting to try for awhile.

We sit down, browsed the menu, and ordered a glass of champagne. It’s just kind of my thing. I’m not drinking a lot these days but I do like to celebrate life when we have these special nights together.

Then… the server says…

“Do you know we have a champagne vending machine?”

Stop. Talking. Sir.

He went on to say that if we wanted, we could get our own champs from there.

My first thought was… “Ohhhh that would be almost too extra, nah, I’ll just let him bring it to me.”

And then I realized that was stupid.

OF COURSE I’m using the champagne vending machine!

This is my life and the only chance I get to live. It. Up! Let’s do this!!!

So, he hands us a gold coin and we proceed to head to the vending machine for one of the coolest experiences of my life.

I dropped in the gold coin, selected the number of the bottle I wanted (I picked my lucky number – 16) and this little robot arm grabs the bottle and drops it in a little slot that opens for you to take your bottle!

You can’t make it up.

I was in HEAVEN! It was just such a fun little twist on life!

And to think… I almost said no.

Do you ever do that?

You see or hear about something you want, something that would make you SO happy, and then you immediately deny yourself from having it?

WHYYYYYYY do we do this???

Listen… You DESERVE everything you want. Everything that life has to offer.

That is your birthright and you can’t tell me any different.

So today, I want to talk about you saying YES to YOU!

Yes to your wants, needs, your deepest, mind-blowing desires and some shit you haven’t even thought of yet!

Speaking of saying YES to YOU, if you haven’t grabbed a seat to my FREE “Becoming the SELF Made You” Workshop, now is the time.

>> Go grab a seat right now. I’ll wait. Seriously… go! 

Let’s end 2023 strong and get a head start on 2024!

In this 3-day workshop, you’ll discover how to say YES to you and everything you want!

All without willpower, goal setting, or white-knuckling your way through one more program, diet, or high-performance planner required.

If you’re serious about changing your life, this workshop is a can’t miss. I wouldn’t wait.

Say YES! Grab your seat, right now! 

PPS I did some digging (cause that’s what I do) and I found that you too can have your very own Moet champagne vending machine! For a very reasonable sum of $35,000! (champs sold separately)

More details (and some cool pics!) here if you wanna peep!

How to Stop Denying YourSELF and Say YES to Life

We’re all guilty of it — the reflexive “No” that leaps out before our minds even consider the “Yes”.

But what if I told you that “Yes” is the key that unlocks doors we didn’t even know existed?

It’s the magic word that can transform “can’t” into “can”, and “impossible” into “I’m possible”.

And if you find yourSELF regularly saying no to things, know this…

It’s NORMAL. It’s how you’re wired!

You see, the mind loves to stay in its comfort zone, and “No” is its safety blanket. (Think Linus from The Peanuts).

But growth and comfort don’t coexist.

Each “Yes” is a seed planted for a new adventure, a new lesson, or a new connection.

When we start saying “Yes”, we start riding the waves instead of watching them from the shore.

OR we enjoy a fun champagne vending machine experience instead of the boring, usual way of just having a server bring it to us.

So, to get your YES juices flowing, take out your SELF Made Journal and write down three things you reflexively say no to.

Now, beside each of those things, write down what might happen if you said YES.

Don’t overthink it; just write. Let the possibilities unfold on paper.

How To Use SELF Care to Say YES to Life

Saying “YES” doesn’t just apply to external opportunities; it’s also about embracing our internal needs too!

Sometimes, the most critical “YES” we can say is to ourselves — to our needs, our rest, and our peace. (Especially to our peace!)

Let me ask you…

When was the last time you said “Yes” to something just for you? Not for your job, not for your family or friends – just for you?

If a memory didn’t immediately come to mind, you’re ready for some SELF Care!

I invite you to identify ONE act of self-care you often deny yourself.

Stopping when you need a break?

Taking that time to relax and read that book you’ve been waiting to read?

That new skincare?

A date night?

That “Becoming the SELF Made You” workshop?

Write it down and then commit to saying “YES” to it this week.

Put it in your calendar so you don’t forget.

I’ll wait.

How to Make More Money By Saying Say YES to Life

In the world of success, “YES” is how you print money.

It’s about saying “YES” to the social media post, the extra revision, the networking event you’d rather skip.

Saying “YES” to opportunities that align with your goals, even if they intimidate you, (ESPECIALLY if they intimidate you).

And saying “YES” to starting the thing, asking for the sale, pitching your product, asking for the promotion, and getting on the podcast.

So today, write down ONE thing you’ve been wanting to say YES to when it comes to your SELF Made Success and just like in the SELF Care section above, put it in your calendar and do the damn thing!

The only way you can lose is by not taking action. 

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