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How to Change Your Life in 3 Steps

What are you up to today? How was your week?

I flew home from Portland (#theresnoplacelikehome) this week and have been putting the finishing touches on my upcoming workshop, “Becoming the SELF Made You”.

(If you haven’t grabbed your seat yet, you’re gonna want to do that right here, right now!)

On Thursday, my team and I did an online murder mystery and I swear it’s the most fun I’ve had in SO long! (peep the pic!)

We all got to dress in character and act out different parts of the mystery in an attempt to find out who did it. It was just the BEST!

Then, Zak and I celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary (where does the time go) on Friday. It hasn’t always been easy and we’ve faced our struggles (can you relate?) but we’ve created an amazing life together and we’re committed for the long haul.

We’ve also learned a lot along the way (as one does) and I’m excited to share some of those things with you in the upcoming workshop.

And now that the weekend is here, I’m taking some SELF Care time to restore and recover.

As I sat down this morning to journal, I noticed that there’s only 56 days left in 2023.

*dramatic gasp* (I really should be limited to one murder mystery a year.)

And check this out… out of those 56 days, 16 are weekend days, only 37 are business days, and there are at least 3 holidays thrown in there!

Holy self help!

So… let me ask you this…

Has your 2023 worked out like you planned?

Did you do the thing?

Make the money?

Stick to the health plan?

Create the relationships you wanted to be in?

Stop giving a single mousefuck what others think of you?

If not, there’s still time left to change your life in 2023. 

I didn’t say there was a LOT of time, I just said there was time.

Don’t give up!

If you’re even considering calling it a year and waiting to “start again” in 2024, you should know that I’M not giving up on you.

Listen… There’s still shit to do. Life to live. Joy to be felt.

So I’m gonna ask you to play full out these last 56 days of 2023.

Here’s how…

  1. Join my new Becoming SELF Made Skool Community to get support. You are not alone.
  2. Grab a seat in my 3-day workshop, “Becoming the SELF Made You” and I’ll show you how to create a life you can’t wait to wake up to (and have fun doing it)!
  3. Go back and actually DO 1 and 2. I see you. If you read right past 1 and 2 like some magic fairy is gonna change your life for you and you don’t have to do anything, STOP. Go back up ↑. And take action on yourSELF! And if you already did, then this is why we’re friends. Let’s fucking go!

Today, we’re going to explore how to make those 56 days count.

Change your life by changing the song

Back in the day when I first moved to Los Angeles, I hung out with a lot of musicians.

I would go into the studio and stay until 2 or 3 in the morning, listening to them rehearse and record.

The first few times I would hear a song, it was exhilarating!

The alchemy of people working together, being inspired, turning nothing but some words and notes into music completely blew my mind!

But I gotta tell you… after I heard the SAME song for the 167th time, that shit got old.

Do you ever feel like your life’s on repeat and you’re stuck on a soundtrack that’s just…meh?

Maybe it started out as your “most favoritest song EVER” but now… not so much?

Trust me, I’ve been there too.

But remember… you always have the power to change the song. Or the album. Or, fuck it… the whole GENRE!

Do you!

You are always in control.

So today, think about what you would like to press Stop on. And keep it 100.

  • The unhealthy eating?
  • The lack of exercise?
  • Picking a fight when you know you’re being petty but just saying “fuck it” and doing it anyway?
  • Not starting the business, making the offer, or making the money?

Write it down. And then decide (because you can) to stop it right today.

And then ask yourself, what do you want to press Play on? 

  • Keeping the promises you make to yourSELF?
  • Doing the workouts?
  • Creating the relationships and deep connections that set your soul on fire (and some other places too?)
  • Ditching insecurity and no longer caring what other people think of you?
  • Making the money you KNOW you’re meant for?

Get clear on this.

Don’t play with me. Take the time and GET CLEAR!

This is your life we’re talking about! And as far as I know, you only get one.

So get crystal clear on what you want your life to be like.

Because you can’t live your dream life if you don’t know what it is.

Change how you care for yourSELF to change your life

Here’s the thing: your body, mind, and soul aren’t just backup dancers in your music video (yep, riding this whole music analogy straight down the line ); they’re the lead singers.

So, why not give them the spotlight?

We often leave SELF Care until we “have time”.

But time is running out.

Again… 56 days left in the year – 16 of which are weekends, only 37 weekdays, and at least 3 holidays!

And if we’re being really honest, the less time you spend caring for yourSELF, the less time you’ll have period.

I know… I went there.

But it’s true. And I’m not here to lie to you because ain’t nobody got time for that. Literally.

My job is to give it to you straight, no chaser.

And on that note… let’s talk about what you’re putting into your body – specifically, alcohol.

No, this is not where I get on my soapbox and preach “no alcohol ever” because I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

The truth is, I have drank too much in the past. Not gonna lie.

I relied on alcohol to numb mySELF so I wouldn’t have to deal with what was right in front of me.

I’m not proud of that but I’m also not gonna act like it didn’t happen. You live, learn, and do better (or not).

That being said, these days I love a good glass of bubbly. You probably know this. 

But moderation really is key. And when I do indulge, I do it in the healthiest way I can.

I drink a glass (sometimes two), a few times a week (if that), and only high-quality alcohol (Dry Farm Wines is forever my favorite).

I also replenish with electrolytes (shoutout to LMNT) right after and drink plenty of water.

Life doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing game but you might wanna ask yourSELF if what you put into your body is serving you, or not.

Tell the truth.

And if you don’t like the answer, remember you (and only you) can change it.

How knowing the “why” behind making money can change your life

You know being SELF Made isn’t all about the Benjamins (man, how many times do I have to say that?) but you also know that money is… pretty fucking great.

And let’s debunk an outdated myth right now: desiring money doesn’t make you shallow or a shitty person.

It makes you human. With dreams, aspirations, and the genuine wish to change not just your world, but THE world.

And in this game of life, there’s no time for you to be a starving artist. (I told you… riding the music analogy straight down the line!)

Think of money as a microphone.

It’s a tool to project and amplify the power and impact of you, your values, and your message.

When you have more, you can invest in people’s ideas or ventures, you can amplify your own life and that of your family, and you can support communities, people, or movements that need your help.

What I’ve found about making the bennies is it’s much easier (and enjoyable) when I understand WHY I want it in the first place.

So today, grab your journal and jot down three clear and detailed financial goals.

Then, next to each, write down WHY it matters to you.

Remember, it’s the “why” that’s gonna motivate you to stay in the studio when it’s 3 in the morning.

As I said earlier, you can’t live your dream life if you don’t know what it is.

You also can’t make the money if you don’t know why you want it.

Put pen to paper, get clear, and then… get started!

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