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How to Finally Stop Stressing Over Money



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How to Finally Stop Stressing Over Money And Become A SELF Made Success Story

How was your week?

Cynthia Garcia and Shawn StevensonMine was so full, and I loved it!

I put the finishing touches on a SURPRISE project I’ve been working on for you (more to come soon, I promise!)

Then, I sat down with Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show to do an interview for his upcoming Family Health & Fitness Summit (oooohhhhh THIS is gonna blow your mind!)

If you want access to the my interview PLUS several others including Dr. Daniel Amen, Chalene Johnson, and more, pick up a copy of his book, Eat Smarter Family Cookbook right here!

After that, I headed to dinner with my bestie, Anne Stevenson (yes, Shawn’s wife) and we had SUCH a great time connecting over our kiddos, business, and life in general. She also tried oysters for the first time!

I left feeling like my SOUL had been fed.

Later in the week I hosted a LIVE event called Escape the 9-5 and Make (At Least) $100k/Year As A Coach with this Revolutionary 3-Step Method that’s Shaking Up the Coaching Industry!” (Oops if you missed it!)

It was so much fun!

There’s nothing like connecting with people like YOU who are ready for MORE in their life! You gave me LIFE!

I also announced that…

Enrollment is now open for our Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach program and our Certified Identity-Based Life Coach program.

We’re closing it down NEXT WEEK, and it will stay closed for awhile as we work with the new students coming onboard, so don’t miss your chance to change your life and get a jumpstart on making this the year EVERYTHING changed.

The people in this live even reminded me of me so much.

Funny how we attract our people, isn’t it?

You see, at one point in our time together, I asked them this question…

“What would you STOP doing if you were a coach making at least $100k/year?”

The answers touched my heart. They went like this…

… Stop stressing over paying the bills
… Stop going to that job I hate
… Stop living paycheck to paycheck
… Stop taking time away from my kids, knowing I’ll never get it back
… Stop putting off travel
… Stop setting the alarm
… Stop worrying about how I will support my family

Can you relate?

I sure could.

I remember back in the day, I was struggling so hard with my health.

I needed to get my prescription filled and my co-pay was $20.

I wasn’t working because I was so sick and my bank account was dwindling fast.

I had no backup plan, no relatives who could support me, and I had just moved to a city 2,000 miles away from any family I had.

To say I was terrified was an understatement.

I remember pulling up to the ATM (because the drug store gave a discount if you paid in cash) PRAYING that I could just get out $20.

Just $20. That’s all I needed.

“Please, God,” I prayed…. “Please let there just be $20 available.”

I slid in my card, punched in my pin, asked for $20 and held my breath.

The green light came on and I heard the machine working… “YES!”, I thought as tears filled my eyes.

I don’t think I had realized how anxious I actually was, how much stress I was carrying around (which no doubt contributed to my health issues).

This moment made me realize that I couldn’t continue to live my life this way. Something had to change. FAST! I couldn’t keep feeling this uncertainty any longer.

It was just two short weeks later that I enrolled in a certification program that changed my life. Like… ACTUALLY changed my entire life!

I nervously spread out the tuition over 3 credit cards, knowing that I was investing in the last thing I had to invest in – mySELF.

I realized that no one was coming to save me.

That if I wanted to change my life, I had to save mySELF.

And that’s exactly what I did.

But I’m not any different from YOU.

If YOU want to change your life, like ACTUALLY change your life.

If you’re tired of stressing over money.

If you’re tired of dreading the alarm clock and the job you have to get up and go to.

If you’re ready for MORE… for the life you know you’re meant to live, then THIS is your time!

As you know, part of becoming SELF Made is having financial freedom.

Both of these programs can give you that and so much more.

Rewrite Your Stories to Stop Stressing Over Money

Take charge of your financial journey starts with believing you can.

Which happens when you rewrite all the old stories that tell you why you can’t.

Your old stories will keep you stuck, right here in the same place, if you let them.

Stories like…

… sure, that worked for other people but it won’t work for you.
… yeah, they did it but you can’t.
… this kind of life isn’t meant for you
… better just stay right here and not take any chances
… you’re kidding yourSELF if you think you could have that life


Do not listen to these lies! YOU are in control of the stories you tell.

If you need help rewriting them, take my Stuck Story Assessment and then watch the free training at the end to learn how to rewrite your stories, for good.

Stop Stressing Over Money To Boost Self Care

Stressing over bills, a job you can’t stand, and relationships that are impacted by those things is NOT how you’re meant to live.

Part of SELF Care is financial stability.

It’s having money to pay the bills and serve your needs.

It’s not stressing over how you’ll make ends meet over and over and over again.

Remember that making money isn’t just about creating wealth, buying fancy cars, or wearing designer clothes (although you can choose that if you want).

It’s also about creating peace of mind, freedom from stress and anxiety, and mental health.

So, on this SELF Made Sunday, I invite you to take a look at your finances.

I know…. Many of us feel the ick when we just think about doing this but it’s a crucial part of being SELF Made. Of being human!

Ask yourSELF… Where are you stressing over money? And how could you alleviate that?

Take Action As Your Future SELF To Stop Stressing Over Money

Quick question… when’s the last time you took some time to imagine your Future SELF?

If it’s been awhile, I’d like to invite you to take some time today to do that.

You see the only way to successfully become the Future SELF you imagine it to connect with them often.

Show up as they would show up.

Take action as they would take action.

If you don’t, you are not becoming SELF Made.

You are creating your life by default, not design.

And SELF Made Success does not come by default.

It is the result of intentionally visualizing who you want to become and then taking action on becoming that person today.

Yes, you must do both.

This isn’t The Secret where you sit around and with for a million dollars and it magically appears.

This is the real world we live in.

And while I’m a big proponent of manifesting, it only comes through taking action.

So ask yourSELF…

What’s ONE action you can take today to achieve success that your Future Self already has?

And if you finances aren’t where you want them to be and you want to do work you love while making the money you want and having the time freedom you’ve been longing for, I invite you to work with me at one of my coaching schools!

Check out the details of each program here:



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