From No Running Water to Making It Rain

I’m Cynthia Garcia, the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition and The Modern Life Coach School.

I'm a true self made multi-millionaire. I created Identity-Based Coaching and the SELF Made Model to help people just like you who want to create a life so good they’re only jealous of themselves!

I’ve been on lots of TV shows and featured in the media. I've worked with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. I’ve sold just over a million copies of my books. I have a husband who I’m madly in love with, a child who stole my whole heart, and friends who will help me bury the bodies.


But what you'd likely never imagine is my struggle…

I grew up in a 3-room shack (4 if you count the kitchen we had to walk outside to get into) with no running water or indoor plumbing which meant I used an outhouse until I was 15 years old.

I experienced trauma, abuse of all kinds, and relentless bullying that left me feeling worthless and ashamed.

I’ve been broke, hungry, and homeless. I’ve dealt with depression, abused drugs and alcohol, and suffered from mental health issues as long as I can remember.

I had no rich uncle, didn’t inherit money, didn’t marry rich, and no one gave me anything.

But like you, I knew I was meant for bigger things. I knew I was meant for more.

So I pursued success with everything I had but, made some good money, but paid a costly price.

Ok, you wanna know the whole story... here goes... 

My home was chaotic and unpredictable because of the drug and domestic abuse that took place almost daily. Children’s Services got involved after my dad was arrested for attempted murder of my mom. I was fed up and couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted more for my life.

I gave it a shot and I got the job. It was the first time I realized that I could make my own money. That I could be in control of my life. Other modeling jobs soon followed and a few years later, I took my savings and moved to Los Angeles, determined to “make it”. 

Three days after arriving in LA, I realized my roommate was a crack addict who suffered from delusions. When he stormed in one night with a gun, claiming 'they' were after us, I took off, winding up homeless. I stayed in a rent-by-the day hotel until I found a small studio apartment I could afford and then I got to work.

that's me!

I was an average student working doing odd jobs. I delivered pizzas, worked in a video rental store, and painted yard signs. I was saving my money but still had no clear way out.

One day while I was looking at the help wanted section of the newspaper, I saw an ad for calendar models. 

I was going to auditions, making connections, and taking advantage of every opportunity.

I was quickly introduced to the world of celebrity and fame.

These people lived differently. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

And I too was starting to make my mark. 

I landed several modeling gigs, hosted a television show on Fox Sports, and was selected as the face that would launch the Blackberry Pearl, complete with a billboard in Times Square. 

I turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with insecurities.

This lifestyle took its toll. I was overweight, had cystic acne, and suffered from short term memory loss. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, clinical depression and found lumps in both of my breasts (which luckily, turned out to be fibrous). 

I took supplements and medications, saw doctors and trainers, nothing helped. 

With just $388 in my bank account and too sick to work...

the party invites stopped, the friends went on without me, and I hit rock bottom. I was alone with no more options.

I felt so hopelessness and worthlessness that I decided suicide was my only way out.

Holding a handful of pills and a Diet Dr. Pepper, my survival instinct kicked in. I realized that I could choose to rewrite the story of what I was going through.

These experiences were not just happening to me. They were making me. They had made me stronger, resilient, and a whole lot smarter.

So, I enrolled in an online clinical nutrition program, spreading my tuition across three credit cards. I quickly realized that my health struggles weren’t just physical. They were mental and spiritual as well.

Diving deep into these other two pillars of health, I created a new model of health and called it "Transformational Nutrition".

I put it to use coaching clients and success came quickly.

To reach more people, I created online programs and courses. 

As the demand grew, I launched a health coaching school. I called it the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. It was designed to certify health coaches in this new method and teach them how to turn their passion into a successful career. 

I met a man who shared my affinity for health and we married. We launched a supplement company that was an instant success with celebrity clients like Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, and Kim Kardashian. I began attracting celebrity clients and started appearing in media all over the globe. I was working – a lot. 

A few years in, I got pregnant with my daughter. I was busier than ever with clients, programs, the school, and our growing supplement business. The day I went into labor – a month early - I had worked a full 10 hours. 

Shortly after her birth, the producers of The Doctors and The Dr. Phil Show contacted me. They wanted me to publish a book with their publishing company and appear on their shows. It was an amazing opportunity and I immediately said yes.

On the outside I was a success but, on the inside, I was falling apart.

In a heated argument one day with my husband, he said to me, “You can’t be married to anyone, you’re already married to your work.”

He was not wrong. We split up not long after. 

Suddenly, I was on my own, raising my daughter who needed me more than ever.

I realized that the money and success didn’t matter if I lost the things that mattered most.

I had known I should work less but overnight it had gone from a “should” to a “must”. 

I shut down my personal brand, closed all my programs, and say goodbye to my clients. I handed over the supplement business to my ex and decided to focus on my health coaching school, which required the least of my time and made good money.

Determined to find a new way forward, I bought the programs, planners, and systems that that promised to save time and money. I invested in masterminds and business coaches. Nothing delivered as promised.

 “We are all self made but only the successful will admit it.” 

One night as my daughter slept, I saw a quote from Earl Nightingale that read, “We are all self made but only the successful will admit it.” 

It hit me hard because I realized I had created this life. 

But at the same time, it also felt like a giant weight had been lifted. I had crawled out of poverty, rewrote all the stories that had held me back, and created myself once. I could do it again. But this time I could do it different. Better. 

I reflected on the habits, routines, and secrets of the self made people I had spent so much time with.

I began writing down how they did things differently. How they focused FIRST on WHO they wanted to be and let the HOW fall into place. It was an awakening.

I stopped trying to “fix” myself and instead created mySELF. 

I created a new identity for my future self and I started acting as if I were already that person. I dedicated myself to it. I believed in it. I moved toward it daily, rewriting my story. And it became my new reality. 

I took my new "who" and paired it with the “how” of building an empire.

I became SELF Made. 

I created courses that brought in passive income even when I wasn’t working and hired a team to help. Thirty days later, I had my highest earning month ever. 

It was the easiest and least time-consuming month of my life. 

I decided that even though I would be working less, I would continue to make more. I would be healthier. I would have more peace. I would enjoy more freedom. I refused to sacrifice myself, my relationships, or my money. And I've never looked back. 

Today, I have a deeply close relationship with my daughter. and I'm married to the man of my dreams. 

I've dedicated mySELF to redefining "self made", putting the emphasis on the SELF, and making it accessible to everyone. 

I believe everything is possible there is more than one way to have it all. 

This life isn't just for me. 

You, too, have the power to change your identity, work less, and make way more money, starting today.

You don’t have to buy into the lies of hustle culture, working long hours or sacrificing your own needs for others.

Together, we can build our empires, make our money, and do iconic shit all while taking good care of ourselves and our families. 

We can remember who the fuck we are and that everything is possible if we choose it to be. 

I learned the hard way and it took me years to figure out the secret to being SELF Made (as it does most) but I can teach you what I’ve learned, the things that will change your life, in just months. 

It’s time to rewrite the stories and rewrite the rules. 

It’s time to become SELF Made.

Get started right here!

You are not alone.

I too started a business with the best intentions only to end up working all the time and sacrificing my health and relationships.


I tried a lot of things that didn’t work - planners, programs, masterminds, systems, you name it. The anxiety was exhausting.

One night as my daughter slept, I saw a quote from Earl Nightingale that read, “We are all self made but only the successful will admit it.”  It hit hard.

Being a coach to celebrities and influential leaders, I had access to a unique world. I noticed these self made people did things differently. 

They decided WHO they wanted to BE first and that determined HOW they took action. 

I learned their secrets, shifted my identity, and focused on creating passive income with online courses. 

Thirty days later, I had actually made MORE money while working LESS. I've never looked back. I was truly SELF Made.

My "never fucking again" moment came when I burnt out, my marriage ended, and I became a single mom overnight.  Something had to change.

And now?

Well now, I now have plenty of time to schedule luxe travel with my daughter, book spontaneous getaways with my husband, and enjoy spa days for SELF care - all while continuing to grow my businesses.

My "never fucking again" moment came when I burnt out from working all the time, my marriage ended, and I became a single mom overnight. 

In other words…. Everything changed when I became SELF Made. 

EVERYTHING changed when I stopped trying to FIX myself and CREATED mySELF. 

Gone are the days of waiting to be discovered, working hard for years to build your wealth, and hustling long hours to “make it”.  The world is changing rapidly, technology gets better everyday, and there has never been a better time to become SELF Made. 

This is what I help people with.

I am the go person for helping coaches and creators make passive income by sharing what they know so they have more time for their self and their family, and more time to build a legacy empire if they want to. 

And I’m really good at it.

Leading expert in

transformational mindset work

— forbes magazine

Imagine... A smile crosses your face as you raise a glass of bubbly to YOU after having your best money month ever and knowing you've worked half the hours, took every Friday off, enjoyed slow luxe mornings, and spent more time with your family.

You're ready to stop feeling overworked, exhausted, and insecure.

You just want to do iconic shit and be seen as the authority in your field while you effortlessly scale your business to $100k a month in passive income. You want plenty of time for luxury travel, slow mornings, spending time with your kids, and continuing to build your motherfucking empire.

  • Make sales every day on autopilot
  • Enjoy a high-end luxury life without self-doubt, doing more, or wasting time on new sales and marketing tactics that fall short
  • Scale to $100k months in passive income so your business can run on autopilot while you sip that drink or get that massage
  • Be seen as the go-to authority in your industry and the person people can't stop talking about
  • Enjoy luxury travel, a high-end ride, that Chanel bag, and a home that screams ‘I’ve made it’
  • Impact lives and help people through your work
  • Travel to all the places on your vision board, first-class obvi
  • Have your entire existence feel like a full body “fuck yes"

You know that you're meant to...

This can be your life! 

but, let's talk about you

The SELF Made Model






Rewrite the stories that have kept you stuck and embrace the identity of a $100k month entrepreneur who scales your online business as effortlessly as opening your favorite bottle of champs!


The secret to being SELF Made is not HOW you make the money. It is WHO you have to be to make the money. When you lock in the who, the how comes effortlessly.

Find your unique position, be seen as the authority, build your audience, and put your business on autopilot while exhaling as you watch your bank balance grow!

Want to know why you’re not making sales daily, on autopilot, while you sip your fave glass of champs or enjoy the day at the spa?

You Are Not Alone

I too worked the long hours, sacrificed my health and relationships, and was terrified that if I let up, I would lose it all. 

I know what it's like to feel like an imposter, to think everyone else knew something I didn't, and to believe that I was just really shitty at this whole entrepreneur thing. 

I believed I had to do more to have more. And I desperately wanted to change things. 

So, I let go of all the bullshit limiting beliefs holding me back.

I rewrote the stories that had kept me stuck.

I created and embraced a new Identity of a person who had, and was, everything I wanted and then some. And my entire life changed.

It’s how I designed mySELF and the life I wanted to live, without apology, and then stepped into it like it was Cinderella’s slipper.

YOU can too!

I invite you to take my hand, grab your cutest pair of shoes, and step out of your world and into mine.

It’s a world brimming with possibilities where you’ll discover the secrets to becoming SELF Made and become the designer of your destiny.

I'm Ready! Let's Go!

fun facts

I have a deep love for books, beauty, and fashion.

I also cuss. A solid amount. Here's why. 


food + drink

Champagne and oysters (I know, fancy.)

Fun fact: I didn't have sushi, champs, or oysters until I was almost 30! I'm now making up for lost time.

What I'm 

obsessed with

My daughter, Rain. Completely and wholly.

And skincare. ALL the skincare! 

And true crime. I can't get enough.

What I'm 

not about

Excuses, reasons why you can't, fake people, mean people, and perpetual victims.

what I


Everything is possible. Yep, everything. 

I believe it doesn't matter where you've been or what you've been through, you too can create a life and career so good you're only jealous of yourSELF!


Cynthia Garcia is an expert on becoming SELF Made and creating a life and business so good you’re only jealous of yourself.

She’s a girl from the Appalachian Mountains who great up without running water or indoor plumbing. After overcoming a dysfunctional childhood filled with crippling poverty, abuse, addiction, and mental health issues, she went on to become one of the most successful coaches and coach educators in the world.

Cynthia is self-made multimillionaire, best-selling author, and owner of multiple 8-figure businesses. Forbes Magazine called her the “leading expert in the field of modern-day mindset”.  She is a prime example of what it means to be SELF Made.

She is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), and The Modern Life Coach School.

She created the model of Transformational Nutrition® – the only science-based coaching method that focuses on what feeds you – physically, mentally, and spiritually. This method is taught exclusively at ITN.

Through her work in narrative psychology and neuroscience, Cynthia developed Identity-Based Coaching™. Identity-Based Coaching helps people rewrite the stories that keep them stuck and embrace the identity of their future self. It focuses on changing who you be first so what you do is simply second nature – no willpower or white knuckling it required. It’s based in narrative psychology, neuroscience, and positive psychology and it works. Identity-Based Coaching is taught exclusively at The Modern Life Coach School.

Cynthia has coached celebrities, billionaires, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Her corporate clients have included Morgan Stanley, Kodak, and Fidelity Investments. She’s a board certified clinical nutritionist and a fellow at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

With her Southern charm and down-to-earth approach, Cynthia has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, and many more. She was the official nutritionist for Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian and is a sought-after expert for shows such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, and others.

She is the co-founder of The Unicorn Club – an invite-only network where the world’s most successful women leaders come to connect, collaborate, and cultivate the confidence to not apologize for their greatness.

Cynthia is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and daughter.

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