From No Running Water to Making It Rain

I’m Cynthia Garcia, the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition and The Modern Life Coach School.

I created Identity-Based Coaching and the SELF Made Method to help people just like you who want to create a life so good they’re only jealous of themselves!

I’ve been on tons of TV shows and have worked with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. I’ve sold just over a million copies of my books. I have a husband who I’m madly in love with, a child who stole my whole heart, and friends who will help me bury the bodies.


But what you'd likely never imagine is my struggle…

I grew up in a 3-room shack (4 if you count the kitchen we had to walk outside to get into) with no running water or indoor plumbing. (Yes, that means using an outhouse until I was 15 years old.) I dealt with unspeakable trauma and abuse, hunger, and violence.

I’ve been broke, hungry, and homeless. I’ve dealt with depression, abused drugs and alcohol, and suffered from mental health issues as long as I can remember.

I had no rich uncle, didn’t inherit money, didn’t marry rich, and no one gave me anything.

But like you, I knew I was meant for bigger things. I knew I was meant for more.

Ok, you wanna know the whole story... here goes... 

Once upon a time, there was a little girl filled with innocence, hope, and dreams.

She dreamed of living a new life where she felt safe instead of scared, hopeful instead of worthless, and proud instead of ashamed.

Every day she saw her dad drink, her mom yell, and her younger sister cry.

That little girl was me.

that's me!

Our 4-room Appalachian Mountain home didn’t have running water or an indoor bathroom. 

But it did have rats, empty cabinets, and a lot of anger.

We had an old wood stove that we used for heat. To get drinking water, we would pack up some old milk jugs and drive a few miles away and fill them from a mountain spring.

My home was also filled with drugs, alcohol, and domestic abuse. I experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. 

The first time I thought of taking my own life, I was 5 years old.

I saw my dad attempt to murder my mother many times. I wrestled guns out of his hands more times than I care to mention.

I endured constant ridicule and bullying from family members and “friends”.

I started working at 14 years old.

It took years but as soon as I had enough money, I packed up my bags, and escaped. I moved as far away as I could without leaving the country. I went to Los Angeles, California.

I face-planted in the entertainment industry where I worked as a model and tv host. It was beautiful on the outside but hid some ugly truths. 

After my roommate got high on crack and almost burned the apartment down, I ended up homeless. So, I decided drugs and alcohol were the answer (spoiler alert: they weren’t).

And at last, I hit rock bottom with no way out. One night, I found myself sitting alone on the cold floor of my cramped studio apartment. I had $388 left in my bank account and was too sick to work.

I was overweight and had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and clinical depression. I felt broken - physically, mentally, and spiritually. I just wanted the pain to stop.

The hope I once had was gone. I realized no one could save me and I decided suicide was the only way out.

The night I almost lost my life is when I found my way.

As a young kid, I would turn to books as a way to escape. 

In those long, fairy-tale chapters I would enter another world. Live another life. Become someone else.

Why not do that now?

So, I asked myself... if life were a book and I was the author, how would I want the story to go?

I finally stopped looking outside of myself for something to fix me and went inside instead.

I confronted my stories, ditched the shame and unworthiness, and stopped apologizing for who I was and where I came from. 

I created a new identity of the person I wanted to be and I embraced it daily.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I created a life I'm obsessed with and now I help other people - just like YOU do the same.

I'm here to be an example of what's possible. To prove that it does not matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through. You too can take action and create the life you want regardless of your obstacles and without apologies. AND have fun in the process!

You can rewrite your old stories, step into the Identity of your Future Self, and create a life so good you're only jealous of yourSELF!

In other words…. Everything changed when I became SELF Made. 

EVERYTHING changed when I rewrote the stories about my life, stopped trying to FIX myself and instead, CREATED mySELF.

Today, I am a self-made multimillionaire, best-selling author, and coach.

I’m known for helping people get unstuck through rewriting their stories and designing their future SELF (aka being SELF Made).

I’ve been able to help people who have “tried everything”  transform their health, their wealth, and their relationships through embracing the identity of their Future Self and focusing on who they BE not on what they DO.

It’s what I’m known for.

And I’m really good at it.

Leading expert in

transformational mindset work

— forbes magazine

You’re here because you want more. You’re ready for a life you don’t want to escape from.

And it isn’t like you haven’t tried! (Oh, how you’ve tried.)

You’ve tried planners, programs, and morning routines. You’ve followed influencers and experts like it’s your full-time job.

You’ve tried kicking imposter syndrome to the curb but… like that old boyfriend from high school, it keeps coming back.

Nothing has worked.

Maybe you’ve told yourSELF some of the same stories I have:
  • I don’t have what it takes so why even try.
  • I’m not good with money – making it or keeping it.
  • People will judge me.
  • I should be further along in life than I am right now.

The problem is… The stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the world end up creating our Identity. And ALL behavior (every mouse bite of it) is driven by who you believe yourSELF to be, aka your Identity.

In other words, the stories we tell our SELF about our SELF create our SELF.

But What If I Told You That the Problem Wasn’t You... It’s Your Stories.

But wait for it... 

When you become aware of the stories you tell, you can rewrite them in a way that serves you instead of keeping you stuck.

You can create a new SELF by design rather than default. You can become SELF Made.

This is called Identity-Based Coaching and it’s my specialty.

but, let's talk about you

You will only ever succeed, love, and live to the limit of your current identity.

Identity-Based Coaching is the Modern Secret to Becoming SELF Made 

It's true. Your Identity decides your entire life - from the money you make to the relationships you have to the confidence you have when you walk into a room.

With Identity-Based Coaching, the focus is on changing who you BE first so what you DO is simply second nature – no willpower or white knuckling it required.

Change is so much easier - and more fun – than what we’ve all been led to believe!

Identity-Based Coaching

You Are Not Alone

I struggled with feeling stuck, unable to change my life, longer than I care to remember.

I had to shine a big ol’ light on how I was the only one standing in my way. I had to acknowledge that I pushed people away, said “no” to letting anyone support me, and sabotaged my own efforts at changing my life.

I had to stop judging others for having what I wanted because I wasn’t willing to do the work.

I had to stop blaming and framing everyone else for the results I was creating (or not) in my own life.

I had to deal with the trauma and shame I had carried with me from childhood.

None of this was serving me. It’s not serving you either.

Once I let go of all the bullshit holding me back, I got busy creating my Future Self.

I rewrote the stories that had kept me stuck.

I embraced a new Identity of a person who had, and was, everything I wanted and then some. And my entire life changed.

It’s how I designed mySELF and the life I wanted to live, without apology, and then stepped into it like it was Cinderella’s slipper.

YOU can too!

You’re just ONE STORY away from EVERYTHING you want…

fun facts

I have a deep love for books and even though I'm a nutritionist and health educator, I love pizza. 

I also cuss. A solid amount. Here's why. 


food + drink

Champagne and oysters

For a girl that grew up on soup beans and cornbread (google it) this is some shit!

What I'm 

obsessed with

My daughter, Rain. Completely and wholly.

And skincare. And being SELF Made. And cats. I'm obsessed with cats.

What I'm 

not about

Excuses, reasons why you can't, fake people, mean people, and perpetual victims.

what I


Everything is possible. Yep, everything. 

I believe it doesn't matter where you've been or what you've been through, you too can create a life and career so good you're only jealous of yourSELF!

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