I help people rewrite history. (Let me explain...)

I’m all about making it simple for female leaders to rewrite the stories that keep them stuck so they can create a life, career, and relationships so good they’re only jealous of themselves.

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I'm Cynthia Garcia

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about me

"LEADER" - noun - lead·er

A leader, supports, teaches, inspires, and encourages others. She could be a career woman, coach, mom, community or community leader. I believe being a good leader in one role will makes you a better leader in another.

So, what’s my story?

I witnessed my dad attempting to murder my mother numerous times, wrestled guns out of his hands more times than I care to mention, endured constant ridicule and bullying from family members and “friends”, and just when I thought I had escaped the horrors of my life, I found myself physically ill, hitting rock bottom, deciding that suicide was the only way out. 

(I should have warned you… this isn’t your typical Hallmark movie.)


I learned how to thrive in spite of it all by escaping into books and using the stories I found inside as my survival mechanism.

I began to see how other people lived. Then I used my imagination to rewrite my own stories, my history, so I could deal with the darkest moments of my life. 

I am not a victim and I am not a survivor. I’m just a woman figuring out how to do the best she can with the hand she’s been dealt. Just like you.


In a nutshell… I’m a small-town girl who overcame being broke, hungry, abused; dealing with trauma and depression. I rewrote my story to live a life where I now inspire millions and I don’t apologize for who I am or how I got here.  

I grew up in extreme poverty in an Appalachian mountain home with no running water and no indoor bathroom.

We had one wood stove that heated the house and very little money for food. I was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and domestic abuse and endured physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that started at the age of 5.

Discover the Stuck Story that’s holding you back

Take The assessment now!

Today things look very different for me…

I have a perfect little girl who has taught me so much about what is truly important, and a husband I adore who brought my amazing stepson into my life.


Right. That.

I’ve trained and certified more than 20,000 coaches, founded the Institute of Transformational Nutrition - the modern-day coaching school for the forward-thinking coach (and those who want to become one), advised Fortune 500 leaders, and appeared in media all over the globe, including my current role as the official nutritionist on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Today, I’m a CEO and female founder.

Discover the Stuck Story that’s holding you back

Take The assessment now!

So, after hearing that question, "How did you come from there and end up here?" enough times I decided to figure out my exact process so I could help others. 

After coaching over 10,000 successful women who all hit walls, got stuck, and felt frustrated in their careers, lives, and relationships, I discovered that the one thing they all had in common were the stories they were telling themselves. 


So, I identified a process that made it simple to discover those stories that keep us stuck so we can rewrite them. And that changed everything – for them and for me. 

I know that my purpose is to inspire others to rewrite their stories by showing what was possible when I rewrote my own.  




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These days I’m choosing to write for the little girls everywhere who grow up to be big girls that still feel stuck. 

I believe that to change your life, you can just tell a different story and every girl can make up a new story. 

I also know that if we could share this message and have it trickle it down to the next generation, we could empower women in the  bigger, bolder way they deserve - all by simply telling a new story.

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Discover the stuck story that’s holding you back.

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I have now become the guide that I wish I had.


I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia with no running water or indoor plumbing. I’m still crazy grateful to be able to turn on the faucet and have water come out! #truestory #thelittlethings


I might look like I have it all together but I struggle with mental health concerns and have for my entire life. Now I am all about creating awareness and helping those who need it the most.
I love documentaries. Like LOVE them. Real people living real life is so much more fascinating than the things we make up. 
I'm a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN). In fact, I'm the Official Nutritionist for Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.
I fell madly in love with my husband on a hot summer night in the desert when he played the piano and sang to me (I knowwww!) #myhero




5 Things

You Might Not
Know About Me

Cynthia Garcia is a female founder, life coach, best-selling author, media personality, celebrity nutritionist, and mental health advocate. She overcame an insanely dysfunctional childhood filled with abuse, crime, addiction, and poverty. Today, she inspires others to rewrite their stories by showing what was possible when she rewrote her own. 

Cynthia is a leading expert in the field of transformational mindset work. She is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), the modern-day coaching school for forward-thinking coaches and those who want to become one. Cynthia was trained as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) but quickly realized that people are fed by so much more than what’s on their plate. This started her deeper dive into creating the coaching method, Transformational Nutrition® – the scientific study of what feeds you – physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

She is the co-founder of The Unicorn Club – an invite only, secret society where the world’s most successful women leaders come to connect, collaborate, and cultivate the confidence to not apologize for their greatness.

Cynthia has coached thousands of private clients ranging from stay at home moms to celebrities to Fortune 500 CEO’s on how to get unstuck so they can create a life, career, and relationships that are so good they’re jealous of themselves. Her corporate clients have included Morgan Stanley, Kodak, and Fidelity Investments.

In an effort to be part of the solution for mental health concerns, Cynthia created the Transformational Trauma Technique®. This powerful solution has been used successfully for over a decade with Cynthia’s private clients, practiced by Certified Transformational Nutrition Coaches (CTNCs), and is taught exclusively at ITN.

With her Southern charm and empowering approach, Cynthia is a contributor for several publications and media outlets including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, and more. She is the official nutritionist for the E! Network’s Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian and is a sought-after expert in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, and others.

My Official Bio

Cynthia is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history. She is happily married, has two children and lives in Los Angeles and Portland.