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Becoming SELF Made: Be Rich As Fuck In All the Ways that ACTUALLY Matter

How was your week? Do anything fun? Work on yourSELF?

Mine was solid.

I flew to our home in Portland on Tuesday and it was nice to touch down in the dark, rainy weather.

As you know, it’s my fave!

Cynthia and Zak GarciaRain is gearing up for Halloween (she’s going to be Little Bo Peep and her bestie is gonna be a sheep. So good!) and I’m gearing up for something FAR less scary!

I’ve been waiting to tell you about it but TODAY is the day!!!

So… first off, with Halloween so close, that means the holidays are right behind it.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that for some of us, the holidays can be a lonely time.

I also don’t think we’ve ever fully recovered from the pandemic.

Listen, I know all too well what it’s like to feel alone and what it’s like to struggle with my mental health during times like these.

AND I know what a difference having a few good people in your corner can make.

So, here’s what I’m doing…

I’ve created a community on Facebook called “Becoming SELF Made”.

It’s going to serve a few purposes…

  1. It’s going to be a soft place to land where you can find your people, connect, and not feel so alone over the next several months.
  2. It will serve as a group to participate in a brand-new project I’ve been working on for months. I’m hosting a live 3-day workshop called, “Becoming SELF Made: BE Rich AF in all the Ways that ACTUALLY Matter”. You can grab your seat here! 
  3. It will support you in your journey of becoming SELF Made. You can share what you’re implementing, what you’re struggling with, and what has helped you along the way.

We are in this together.

Join the Facebook group right here!

I can’t wait to connect with you there and get to know you better!

PS In case it got lost above… I’m hosting a brand-new 3-day workshop called, “Becoming SELF Made: Be Rich As Fuck In All the Ways that Actually Matter”

It’s FREE and I would love for you to join me.

I’m going to share with you how you can have…

  • Jaw-dropping confidence where you walk into every room like you own it (who knows, one day you just might)
  • A bank account that pays for your every want and need and yet somehow keeps growing and expanding
  • Relationships that are deep, meaningful, and set your soul (and some other places too) on fire
  • Boundless energy and a body you finally feel confident in with plenty of time for SELF care
  • And more!

It’s totally free and replays will be available for a limited time if you can’t attend live.

I wouldn’t miss it.

Grab your seat right here, right now! 

How to Be Rich As Fuck By Investing in YourSELF

Okay, story time!

I have this friend who is a producer in Hollywood. And he’s stupid rich.

Like… more money than he could ever spend in 100 lifetimes rich.

Like… flies his two dogs on a private jet when he travels so he doesn’t have to put them in cargo on a “regular” flight.

I know. It’s a whole new level of money.

But here’s the thing… one day as we were chatting over a glass of wine, sitting outside by his pool that overlooks the city, he said to me… “You know… I would trade all of this for a family.”

Record. Scratch.

I was blown away. You see, he has never married, has never had kids. It’s just him and his doggies.

Now yes, he lives a good life but money (even crazy amounts of it) doesn’t make you RICH in all the ways that matter.

So, today I invite you to grab your favorite journal (realizing that we need a SELF Made Journal… what do you think??).

I want you to spend 10 minutes thinking about and writing down what “being rich” means to you.

Is it a number in your bank account?

The laughter shared with a loved one?

Maybe the knowledge you possess or the lessons you’ve learned?

What gives you those million-dollar feelings?

Is it jamming to your favorite tunes, having those deep 2 AM conversations, or maybe those quiet moments with a book in hand?

Once you’ve written down your thoughts, I want you to ask yourSELF, how can you double down on those things?

Because what I know for sure (cue Lady O again!) is that investing in yourSELF and the things that bring you joy will give you the greatest riches.

>> Join me in my new Becoming SELF Made workshop and I’ll share some powerful ways to help you go all in on YOU and become rich AF in all the ways that ACTUALLY matter! 

How SELF Care Will Help You Be Rich As Fuck

As you know, SELF Care is about so much more than bubble baths and face masks (though, hey, nothing wrong with a good pamper sesh!).

True SELF Care is about developing a deeply rich connection to yourSELF.

Here’s how you can start…

Carve out just five minutes from your day, preferably at a time when the sun is casting those gorgeous hues in the sky.

Find a cozy nook or a quiet spot outdoors.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, allow your mind to wander to a memory that warms your heart.

This could be a time when you felt a rush of love, an unexpected kindness, or even a solo adventure that made you feel alive.

Hold onto that memory, feel the emotions associated with it. Let it wrap around you like a soft blanket.

Remember the sounds, the smells, the way your heart felt in that moment. This is a moment of true richness. 

Revisit this exercise as often as you like. Over time, you’ll find that these pockets of true wealth are everywhere around you, waiting to be acknowledged and celebrated.

As you nurture this internal sanctuary, you’ll realize that you’re not just rich in experiences, but rich in your own soul. Rich in yourSELF. And that, my friend, is a form of wealth that money can’t buy.

How Making Money Helps You Be Rich As Fuck (Obviously)

So now you’re feeling golden inside, but hey, who wouldn’t mind seeing that bank balance soar a bit (or a lot, let’s be honest)?

Let’s talk cold, hard, fabulous cash! 

I get it. While soulful riches are lit, having some extra monetary cushion can be super fun (and, let’s be real, super useful).

My rich friend that I told you about earlier once said to me (before I had made any kind of substantial income), “You know… money can’t buy you happiness.”

My response to him? “Maybe… but I’m just gonna go ahead and find out for myself.”

Because the hard facts are… making a great living makes things easier. It’s just true.

Think about a purchase you made (or would LIKE to make) that made you feel (or WOULD make you feel) rich AF.

Feels good, right?

So this week, dive deep into that one thing you’re wildly passionate about in your job.

Not just kinda-sorta like, but obsessed with.

Become stupid good at it. And then ask to be compensated for your skills.

If you own your own business, go all in on a new project, product, or offering!

Maybe you could offer a limited-time deal that has everyone buzzing.

Don’t apologize for wanting more in life. Even if that more is cold, hard, moolah.

You deserve it and so much more!

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