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How to Know EXACTLY What Your Dreamy Clients Want 

I am relaxing with a hot cup of coffee this morning, looking out at the view, and feeling so grateful for my next chapter.

This weekend, Zak and I moved from Portland to LA full time and I swear, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

I feel… complete and settled, for the first time in a long time.

If you’re new here (or if you’re not), Zak and I have been living in two cities – Portland and LA – for the past 10 years. TEN. T. E. N.

We traveled back and forth every week or two and we were both just done. Cynthia Garcia shares how to know EXACTLY what your dreamy clients want.

So, now we’re in LA full time (cue the confetti, pop the champs, and hug a palm tree)!

We’re ready to write the next part of our story together – in ONE place – and it just feels SO good!

LA has always been my home and as you know what they say… there’s no place like home.

AND… in other MUCH BIGGER news… Rain was ACCEPTED to her first choice high school!!!!

I knowwww! We’re so very proud of her and excited for her next chapter too!


We were just sitting there… staring at the computer… waiting for the email to come (5pm on the dot, they said and 5pm on the dot it was!).

And I’ll be honest… when we saw the subject line, “Welcome to XXXX School, Rain”, we promptly proceeded to lose our shit! 

It was SUCH a moment!

I love that she got to see what happens when you put in the work (so much work) and do the right things to pursue your dreams.

It IS always worth it!

It feels like the dominos are falling into place for a powerful, SELF Made future and I can’t WAIT to see what it is!

Which got me to thinking about “next chapters”.

It’s so important to understand where you’re going. What dreams you’re pursuing. And what identity you’ll need to embrace to get there.

In today’s blog, I’m going to help you get some clarity on how you can stop – at any moment – and start writing a new story. And how to know EXACTLY what your dreamy clients want.

Grab your pen or quill and ink (idk, I’m weird), and let’s get started!

What are YOU writing for YOUR next chapter?

When’s the last time you stopped to think about your next chapter?

Cause I know you’re just waiting around to find out what it is, right? Righhttt?

Listen, you have to be INTENTIONAL about your dreams, your desires, your “nexts”.

If you’re not, how in the world are you ever going to get them? (I’m just saying)

Today, I invite you to begin writing your next chapter.

Because your dreams matter. And I’m here to take a stand for them.

So… tell me… what are YOU writing for YOUR next chapter?

What is the title of that chapter?

And who do you need to become to step out as the main character in it?

What skills do you need to learn? Actions do you need to take? Boundaries do you need to set?

Get clear, write it down, and then embrace the Identity of your future self and act accordingly. When you do this, the new story writes itself.

I can’t wait to read it!

How To Get Your Ideal Client Closer To Their Dreamy Outcome

When we talk about the “next chapter” for your clients and customers, you have to consider what transformation they desire in their life.

Just like you have desires for your future, so do they.

What is it?

What and WHO do they ultimately want to become?

If you don’t know this, how are you going to create content that pulls them in? Offers they want to buy? Products they can’t stop talking about?

Spoiler alert: You can’t.

The way you really serve your dreamy clients is to understand very clearly where they are now and where they ultimately want to end up – their dreamy outcome.

I walk my students through something called the Transformation Timeline.

On the far left is where they are now (their current identity) and the far right is where they ultimately want to end up (their future identity).

The Transformation Timeline shows you how to know EXACTLY what your dreamy clients want.

Once you know this, you can get clear on what happens in-between.

Remember, transformation happens over TIME not overnight!

So think about it… what is the FIRST thing your ideal client needs to do to get closer to their dreamy outcome?

And what’s the second?

And the third?

You can have 3 – 6 steps, it’s up to you and what your audience needs.

Once you have those steps plotted, start back at the very beginning.

Give them a solution that will help with that one thing. That first step.

Make it a little tasty taste, an appetizer if you will, that will entice them to buy your NEXT solution (so they can write THEIR next chapter).

You see, each step of the transformation becomes an offer and the more offers you have, the more you can scale your business to high cash months on autopilot while you’re continuing to celebrate YOUR next chapter! Wheeeee!

Now… do you have to have a lot of offers to scale to $10 – $100k+ months?

Nope. In fact, I made my first million with just TWO products.

Start with one and dial it in, put it on autopilot, then create the next!

Oh, and also… The first step on their transformation can (and should be) free. This is your lead magnet.

Focus on giving them ONE solution to ONE problem (the first one they need to solve) and then you can keep moving them across – all the way to their ultimate dreamy outcome.

They will continue to buy from you as you become the go-to expert for them and YOU will enjoy a wildly lucrative business that gives you the freedom and impact you’re seeking.

Make sense?

Then off you go! Create YOUR Transformation Timeline for your dreamy clients TODAY!

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