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Exactly How I Work Less But Make More



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Exactly How I Work Less But Make More

We did it! We are in our new home and we’re SO… tired.

But that didn’t stop me from heading to the airport to catch a flight today.

I know… why am I like this? Cynthia Garcia shares how to make more but work less.

With things still in boxes, I’m headed to Austin, TX today to meet up with JJ Virgin for a much-deserved spa retreat.

And then, the two of us will move right into hosting The Unicorn Club event which will run through the end of the week.

This was all planned before the move but again, the timing is perfect!

(This seems to be a pattern for me lately but I’m just going with it!)

And even though my schedule is super full right now, I didn’t want to leave you hanging!

It’s funny, people often ask how I can run several multi-million dollar businesses and still find time to jet away to the spa.

And the truth is… it wasn’t always like this.

I know what it’s like to never take a vacation, work ALL the time, and completely burn out – destroying my health and my relationships along the way. Ugh.

But… as they say… you live and learn.

And learn I did!

And then I did shit different.

It all started with me simply deciding that I no longer wanted to live my life this way.

I DECIDED that I would work less but make more.

That I would show up for mySELF.

That I would be there for my family because they are truly THE most important thing.

How? I had no idea. BUT… I was determined to figure it out.

And now? Well now…

I’m so proud to say I’ve done that.

Now, I book spa getaways (like the one I’m headed to now!), enjoy yummy one-on-one time with my daughter, and have spontaneous date nights and experiences with my husband.

And I make more money than ever.

I don’t say that to flex (although nothing wrong with telling the truth)… but rather to share what’s possible.

Remember, if a girl who grew up in the Appalachian Mountains with no running water in my house can do it… ANYONE can!

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

Over the last several months, I’ve had more and more people asking EXACTLY how I set up my business to run this way.

AND… how they could too.

So, I made it easy… I put together the…

“Work Less, Make More” Masterclass 

just for YOU!

In this brand new masterclass, you can steal my 4-step framework and enjoy effortless high cash months without the overwhelm in just 30 days!

You’ll walk away with…

  1.  My magnetic messaging process that makes people say, “take my money please!”
  2. A breakdown to create your own methodology so you become the person in your industry people can’t stop talking about!
  3. An inside look at my offer creation process that makes people love to buy!


 You whip out your phone and snap a selfie since today is the first day in as long as you can remember that you are aren’t rushing to the next thing but your business just made another $3k.

You’re now living the life you’ve dreamed of. And the best part? It truly was effortless.

I know… it sounds wildly impossible.

And yet, I sit here as an example of it.

And so do my many, many clients and over 30,000 students.

So… if you want, check out the brand new Work Less, Make More Masterclass!

And let me know what you think!

I’ll be back next week with more goodness and make sure you’re following me on Instagram for highlights and stories from the spa and Unicorn Club event.

Now… time to kick back, sip this glass of champs, and enjoy the flight!

Cheers to living the SELF Made life!


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