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How to Use the Holiday Magic To Create Your Future Self



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How to Use the Holiday Magic To Create Your Future Self

I’m enjoying a hot cup of peppermint tea and looking forward to enjoying this Christmas Eve with Rain.

I try to make it magical so she has memories to cherish when she’s older.

A few days ago, we saw The Nutcracker at The Dolby Theater here in Los Angeles. This makes our 12th year in a row and it’s something we always look forward to.

Tonight, we’ll enjoy our yearly tradition of watching Elf and making cookies to leave for Santa (even though she stopped believing years ago). Cynthia with her daughter Rain, at the Nutcracker, using the holiday magic to create her future self.

Do you have traditions like this with your family and loved ones?

These routines and rhythms have become so special to us both.

I remember when I was growing up, we would gather at my mamaw’s house to open gifts on Christmas Eve.

All week, she would bake, cook, and decorate the tree getting ready for her family to all be together.

There was always a fire, rowdy conversation, and sweet treats to enjoy in that drafty two-story home where we gathered.

We’d crack walnuts and eat them by the handfuls while gorging ourselves on chocolate fudge she had made over a hot stove.

These times were so special to me.

It was the one day every year where things felt truly magical.

Now, inevitably it would end with some argument or a kid crying. Someone would get stranded because it snowed too much and they couldn’t drive home.

But for those few hours in that warm space where gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree, everything was possible.

It’s been a long time since I celebrated the holidays that way and certainly, a lot has changed.

But I never lost my love for that special kind of magic that happens only once a year.

That time, amidst the twinkling lights and cozy nights, when everything seems possible.

So, on this Christmas Eve (whether you celebrate the holiday or not), I encourage you to channel this festive energy to not just celebrate the here and now but to also envision your future self.

How can you use the holiday magic to create your Future Self?

Let this season inspire you to dream big!

How to Use the Holiday Magic To Create Your Future Self

The holiday season often brings a mix of nostalgia and anticipation.

It’s a time when we’re reminded of past joys but also of future possibilities.

This unique blend provides a perfect time for envisioning our future selves.

Ask yourSELF:

  • What lessons have the past holidays taught you?
  • What aspirations did they ignite?
  • What are the feelings, vibes, and experiences you want to take with you and enjoy all year round?

For me, the lessons include slowing down, being fully present, and breathing in every tiny moment since I know I’ll never have it again.

It inspires me to treat every random Tuesday as a holiday, bringing my own touch of magic to the moment.

What about you?

How to Use the Holiday Magic To Embrace SELF Care for Your Future Self

SELF care has been on my mind since both Rain and I have been under the weather.

It’s also a great reminder of how I want to create SELF care in the new year and beyond.

I love peppermint tea around the holidays, but now I’m thinking I’ll enjoy it year round as a special routine where I can take time to breathe and relax.

I’m also slowing down and thinking more over the holiday and it’s brought such peace into my life.

So, I’ll be bringing that slowness to my Future Self.

What about you?

What are the ways you’re caring for yourSELF during this time that you want to embrace for your Future Self?

Choose just one thing you’ll continue after the holidays when it comes to caring for yourSELF and make it a part of your identity.

Then, simply BE that person daily.

How to Use the Holiday Magic to Create Success for Your Future Self

Now that people are slowing down, connecting, and relaxing and there’s something about the world being quiet and that allows space for me to dream.

And dream I have.

I’ve been thinking about my business a lot lately. Where I’m going. What I’ll do. And who I need to be in order to achieve my goals.

It’s been exciting and revealing.

I’ve allowed myself to think about opportunities, endeavors, and undertakings that I haven’t really entertained before.

I’m getting more and more clear on these things and will share soon but what about you?

What kind of success are you calling in for your Future Self?

What new avenues will you walk down? What big dreams have you been putting off?

Take advantage of the slower season to get clarity on these things so you can be intentional about creating them.

Think of one big, daring, bold thing that you’ve been afraid to admit you want and then spend some time embodying your Future Self that has it.

If it feels good, consider choosing it.

After all… everything is possible.

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