My Secret Routine To Becoming SELF Made Every Day…

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good Sunday self-care routine.

Sunday is when I rest, recover, and take time to care for myself. 

I plan the week ahead, meal prep, and reconnect with my family.

(Speaking of planning, just wait until you see what I created for you later!)

Sunday is the one day of the week I invest in becoming SELF Made. Now before you think I’m just talking about stacking that paper, let me be clear…

Cynthia, after filling out her daily planner, the secret to her daily routine.

The way I define SELF Made is simply “creating the SELF you want to be”.

Sure, that can mean money.

It can also mean doing work around past trauma.

Healing your mind and heart so you show up as the person you want to be and not the person you were back then. Cooking nutritious meals so your SELF stays healthy. Reading a book to educate your SELF.

SELF Made is about creating the person you want to be, one step at a time.

The thing that’s helped me the most is rewriting my stories.

The thing that has helped me the SECOND most is routine.

And, I want to share allll the secrets to my routines with you!  So, my weekly newsletter is taking on a new name… and a new purpose. (anddd if for some reason you are missing out on this newsletter of FREE pure goodness, CLICK HERE!)

The new name is… “SELF Made Sunday”. 

And the purpose is to give you my best-kept secrets to becoming SELF Made every single Sunday!

My hope (prayer?) is that you create a new routine every Sunday where you set aside time to read your weekly issue of SELF Made Sunday, and take action toward becoming your future self.

You deserve it.

You do so much for so many.

Will you commit to taking this time for yourself?

I have so many things planned for you in the future.

But for now, let’s start by creating a new routine every Sunday for you to become SELF Made.

So, will you join me?

Ok… on to something amazing I have for you this week…

FREE TRAINING: THIS is my secret to becoming SELF Made every day…

It’s my Daily Planner Pages!

I designed these for my own use after trying every other planner on the market, and this is the first time I’m sharing this anywhere!

It’s been called a “life coach on a page,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Grab your training AND download your planner pages right here! 

No need to opt-in. Just click, watch, download, and enjoy!

Love you!

 – Cynthia

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Remember... you're only one story away...

Cynthia Garcia

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