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How To Design an Environment That Makes You Rich AF



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How To Design an Environment That Makes You Rich AF

I’m surrounded by boxes (pray for me) as we pack up and get ready for our SECOND move.

Like I said… pray for me.

In just 8 days, we’ll be in our lovely new home and we couldn’t be more excited! Cynthia Garcia shares how to design an environment that makes you rich AF.

This past week we went to pick out a new color for the deck that’s being updated before we move in.

As I walked around mapping out where the furniture would go and how the cabinets would be arranged, I realized how easy I BE in this home.

I just BREATHE easier here. It feels… right.

I can see us making pizza in the new kitchen while Rain and her friends hang out in the lounge for our traditional Pizza and a Movie Night.

I can imagine the outdoor area that’s built for entertaining, full of our closest friends, music playing, everyone connecting and having a good time.

There is space where I’ll set up a studio to launch a big project I’ve been working on.

And on and on and on. This house will serve our “next” perfectly.

It’s a far cry from the 3 room shack I grew up in that didn’t even have running water or an indoor bathroom, I’ll tell you that right now! lol


This reminded me, yet again, just how important your environment is to your overall success and well-being.

It’s SO critical but most people overlook it.

Think of your environment like the background music in the movie of your life; it sets the tone, influences your mood, and can either uplift your spirits or bring you down.

It can inspire you, or not. Motivate you, or not. Set you up for success… or… not.

As the main character, it’s your job to create an environment where your future self is truly the star!

Your environment will either support your current identity or create a new one.

And no, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or move into a new home. (But if you want to, go wild! Do you!)

Today, I’ll share with you both the WHO and the HOW of creating an environment that helps you become the future YOU effortlessly.

Whether you want to scale your business to $10k – $100k months, take more time off to be with the kiddos, or book those luxe vacays, your environment is key.

So… settle into that comfy chair, grab that sparkling water (or wine – no judging) in that bougie glass, and let’s get started!

Changing Your Internal Environment FIRST

When it comes to changing your environment, you gotta start with your internal environment first.

As you know, we always start with Who and let that determine the How.

Because the truth is…

When you change how you see yourSELF, your SELF changes to reflect that person.

 So… once again, who is your Future Self?

To wrap your head around this…

Imagine it’s 3 years from now and all your goals and dreams have come true.

Tell me about yourSELF!

What goals did you reach?

How do you act? React? Speak? Carry yourSELF?

How do others see you now?

Once you’re clear on your Who, then the How become easy.

Which brings me to…

Why Your Environment Is So Important To Being Rich AF

If you want to elevate yourSELF, you must also elevate your environment.

Most people stop at the Who, the mindset of your new identity.

But that, dear friend, is a mistake.


Well… it’s hard to change your identity when your environment stays the same.

Think about it…

You ever get together with old friends? Do you slip into old habits? Be the person they know you to be?

What about when you go to a fancy event or networking experience… do you act different? Speak different? BE different?

Fun Fact: A 2014 study found that our social group can influence us to keep our good habits, like sticking to a diet, or encourage us to break the rules. When it came to resisting temptations, the study found that friends were more likely to become our “partners in crime” rather than our “allies in success”. So make sure your friends are working for you, not against you.

Again… you will always reflect the environment you’re in!

One of my SELF Made Members moved to a different city where no one knew her because she knew it would be impossible to create her Future Self when everyone around her expected her to be her Current Self.

I know, she was not fucking around.

Another quick story for you…

One of my coaching clients used her dining room table as her office.

She was struggling to stay focused, get things done, and make sales.

When I saw her setup, I knew why.

So, we worked on creating a new environment. (How to design an environment that makes you rich AF!)

She turned a closet into an office with a desk, plush chair, lighting that inspired her, a Bluetooth speaker so she could play classical music as she worked (what her Future Self would do), and photos of her kiddos on her desk (a reminder of her bigger why).

It was beautiful. It was her. And it worked.

Her next launch brought in $47,000!

They’ve only increased since then. And now her office is a gorgeous room in her new home with a breathtaking view! I knowwww!

And as for me?

Well, my Future Self continues to work less and make more. (Cause… you know… that’s how I do.)

She spends time in relaxing environments feeling confident and unbothered.

She doesn’t hustle or grind but instead enjoys an easy flow in work, relationships, and life.

My Future Self is healthy, peaceful, and free.

So, TODAY… I sip sparkling water from bougie glasses and I play chill music in my home because it’s what my Future Self would do.

I burn nice candles, love lamps and dim lighting, and have photography books in my home from amazing photographers that inspire me to create beautiful things for others to enjoy.

I’m very careful who I let into my life and don’t spend time or energy with people who don’t support where I’m going.

I don’t consume toxic media and I avoid the drama of other people who are just trying to interfere with my peace.

I keep learning, growing, and setting bigger goals.

All of this elevates and supports the identity of my Future Self and I step into her more and more every day.

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

Today, I invite YOU to begin creating the environment that will support YOUR Future Self. That YOU you imagined 3 years from now in the Who section above.

Start with where you work and live.

Consider the lighting, the music, the details.

Add a plant, or don’t.

Get the fancy coffee cup, the nice sweater, or that lovely candle.

Audit your relationships and ask yourSELF who is feeding your future identity and who is starving it.

While you’re at it, audit your bookshelf, your podcasts, and your socials.

Follow people who help inspire you to grow yourSELF and your business.

Invest in that program to uplevel your skills, knowledge, and put you in a community of people who lift you higher.

One last time… you will always reflect the environment you’re in.

So, make it purposeful. Make it powerful. Make it YOU (in the future).

Ok, gotta run now and… you guessed it… pack!

Love you the most!


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