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This Is Why You Should Take Risks (Even If You Don’t Want To)



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Embracing Risk for a Life of Fulfillment

Hey, you know how sometimes the right thing comes along at just the right time?

The thing you needed to see. To hear?

That happened to me this week.

Zak and I took a random afternoon and went to see Air, the movie about the game-changing partnership between Nike and Michael Jordan.

It’s what you would get if Nike and Good Will Hunting made a baby but overall, a great movie.

There was a line in the movie that went like this…

“If we’re going to make it, we’ve got to take risks.”

Man… I felt like I got punched in the stomach. 👊

You see, while I have taken many risks in my life, there are a great many risks that I have NOT taken.

Why? Oh, for the same reason as a lot of folks, I guess.

I was scared of the outcome. I got caught up in my own story of not being good enough.

But maybe more than anything, I haven’t taken certain risks – especially lately – because I was comfortable.

Can you relate?

I have a good life, make great money, and have relationships that make me weak in the knees.

Why in the world would I risk any of that?

The answer? To see what’s possible. ✨

When my time is up on this planet, I want to know I left it all on the field.

That I played full out. That I took chances.

Don’t you?

It’s time to do even harder things, play an even bigger game, and see just what’s possible. Because why the fuck not?

The world is waiting for you to step up and show it what you’re made of, CGC.

And I invite you to take that risk.

Make that move. Do that thing that scares you.

Because on the other side of fear is the life you’ve been dreaming of. And you deserve that life.

Are you ready?

If so, keep reading and I’ll show you how!


So, what have we learned?

If you want to create a life that’s so good you’re only jealous of yourself, you have to be willing to take risks.

You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Be daring. Be bold.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go jump out of a plane or quit your job tomorrow (unless that’s what you want, then by all means…) But I am saying that you need to start taking small steps towards your goals, even if they scare you.

Maybe it’s reaching out to that person you admire in your industry and asking for advice.

Maybe it’s being certified as a coach through that program you were too afraid to sign up for. (I see you.)

Maybe it’s starting that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about.

Whatever it is, I want you to choose ONE thing to take action this week, no excuses.

You’re stronger than excuses.

Now, you might be thinking… “What if I fail, Cynthia? What if things don’t work out?”

Look, I get it. Risk-taking is scary. I’m scared too.

We’re putting ourselves out there and opening up to the possibility of failure.

But let me ask you this: what’s scarier… taking a risk and failing or living a life of regret and wondering what could have been?

But I won’t leave you hanging…

To help combat your fear and anxiety, I offer this mantra for you to repeat this week to help reinforce your Identity (aka your SELF) of someone who makes risk-taking a normal part of their life…

“I’m the kind of person who takes risks – even when I don’t want to – so I can create a life I love.”

You’ve got this, CGC! And I’m right here with you!


Taking risks and trying new things is an act of self-care.

How? Simply put, it helps you break out of your routine and discover new things that bring excitement, meaning, and fulfillment to your life.

It can improve your mental and emotional well-being by reducing boredom, increasing motivation, and boosting confidence.

Consider it a mental and emotional workout, all in one!

Maybe pick up a journal (I’m obsessed this one currently) and spend a few minutes this week writing down how you’re feeling and the thoughts that come up.

Whatever you do, do something that scares you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it.


I’ve taken a lot of risks to be as successful as I am today. And yes, there are more to take. And I will.

It’s hard to dispute the fact that risk taking is key to your success. You can watch the movie Air for a wildly powerful example of this.

And if books are more your jam, I loved The Risk Paradox: Life Lessons from 102 Amazing Risk-Takers. I love stories and the stories in this book are the kind that stay with you.

The Risk Paradox explores the mind-blowing stories of over one hundred notable risk-takers, in business and life and essentially comes to this conclusion: taking a risk is the least risky thing you can do to live a fulfilling life. Pick up a copy here!

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