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Creating An “I Help” Statement To Unlock Your Audience’s Desires



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Creating An “I Help” Statement To Unlock Your Audience’s Desires

I flew back to LA yesterday and it feels so good to be home!

While I was in Portland last week, I got to deep dive on a new business project and reconnect with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

We went to this great wine and seafood bar and yes, I got oysters. #addicted

We had great conversation and toasted old friends and new beginnings. Cynthia Garcia shares how to create your "I help" statement to unlock your audience's deepest desires.

So much fun!

Speaking of new beginnings, I am getting mySELF into all kinds of them!

First, we’ve made the decision to move from Portland to LA full-time. I know, it’s huge!

If you’ve been around awhile, you know we’ve been traveling back and forth the past several years (*cough* 10 *cough*) and we’re so ready to be done with that mess.

We’re looking forward to starting a new life in LA and I couldn’t be more excited!

We also put in an offer on a new house in LA! (Why am I like this?) It feels crazy to be moving two homes at the same time but… going with it!

But I gotta say, it is nice knowing that after that, we’ll FINALLY be settled and be able to focus on living our life!

As far as the business, I have lots of new things in the works!

I launched a brand-new masterclass for ITN that people have been RAVING about. You can watch it here if you haven’t already.

And another one coming out for The Modern Life Coach School next week that is gonna knock the socks off coaching. Hold tight and I’ll tell you when it’s ready.

I had a great coaching call with our SELF Made Members last week where we went DEEP on the “How” of building your Wealthy Identity.

It’s clear that you all are ready to dive more into the HOW when it comes to the WHO and HOW of the SELF Made Model, so, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

The SELF Made Model will help you learn how to create an "I help" statement to unlock your audience's deepest desires.

That means that this blog is getting a new beginning too! 

Instead of the usual sections of SELF Coaching, SELF Care, and SELF Made Success, we’re shifting to the WHO (which will include Identity, SELF Coaching, and SELF Care) and the HOW (which will include Strategy, SELF Made Success) of becoming SELF Made.

Whew! Make sense?

If not, it will be clear when you see it. 😉

And in honor of this week’s theme of new beginnings…  

As you know, I recently shared that I’m shifting the CG brand to work more with entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators.

I love the idea of making money on your terms, having more time to spend with your kids or on your SELF care or whatever you want!

Like I love it so much I could eat it!

And I want EVERYONE to take advantage of the opportunity!

I have built very successful businesses that have stood the test of time in different industries over the last 19 years (how???) and now it’s time to pay it forward.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.

Maybe I didn’t want to spend the time doing something new since my businesses are dialed in. #SELFish

Maybe I was just afraid I would be sacrificing my free time?

Who knows, the point is, I’m doing it now which brings us to… the WHO!

WHO – Creating Your SELF Made Identity

As I step into this new space and place, I had to get really clear on the Identity of my Future Self.

I’ve always coached people on building their business but not on the scale I’m stepping into now.

Before, I coached the coaches in my schools and my private clients. That was it. Now, I’m making this the primary focus on my brand.

Which meant, I had to get clear on what I wanted to create and who I wanted to create it for (more on this later) so I could show up and BE that person now.

I had to embrace the identity of my Future Self now and rewrite the stories that came up around why I couldn’t be this person.

I had to clearly define how this new Identity would act, what boundaries it would set, what relationships I would develop, and which ones I would let go of AND look closely at why I hadn’t taken this leap before.

Can you relate?

Is there something YOU want to do but you just… haven’t?

What are the stories you’re telling yourSELF that are holding you back?

Who do you REALLY want to be and how can you start to embrace the Identity of your Future Self now?

You can’t be embrace your Future Self if you don’t know who it is so get clear as Swarovski crystal on this.

HOW – Executing Your SELF Made Strategy

Something else I had to get clear on is I also had to get clear on WHO I wanted to serve.

And that has been so much fun!

I know EXACTLY who my dreamy client is (I’ll be sharing my “I help” statement”).

I know what their pain points are, what they struggle with, what keeps them up at night, who they watch TV with, and what their favorite movie is.

(Ok maybe not their favorite movie…)

You see, I help ambitious entrepreneurs who are overworked, exhausted, and just want to do iconic shit and be seen as the authority in their field effortlessly scale their business to $100k a month in passive income while having plenty of time for luxury travel, slow mornings, spending time with their kids, and continuing to build their MF empire using The SELF Made Method.

Knowing your WHO is CRITICAL if you want to scale your business and become SELF Made.

You should know your clients and customers better than they know themselves.

This makes EVERYTHING easier… creating products, marketing, offers, price points, sales, you name it!

Who is YOUR dreamy client or customer?

To find out, here’s my 5 Step Dreamy Client Framework for you to use:

  1. What is their current Identity?

  • Get to know them by answering these questions:
    • How old are they? (10 year range)
    • What is their gender identity?
    • What do they struggle with? (acne, weight, not making sales, love, etc.)
    • What is their #1 problem?
    • What are their deepest desires?
    • What role do they have in common? (Teens, Moms, moms, attorneys, entrepreneurs, etc.)
  1. What Results Do They Want?

People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. So, what are the results they want?

People do not want to buy “coaching” or your services or your products. I know. Go with me.

They want the RESULT they will get from those things.

Sell their results. Not 3, 4, or 5 “coaching sessions” but a program that delivers an outcome.

Don’t sell the plane, sell the destination.

  1. What Do They Want To Avoid?

We all want to get results while avoiding something.

For example, my dreamy clients want to make great money while avoiding burnout or taking time away from their family.

What does your dreamy client want to avoid? Strict diets, uncertainty, time consuming routines, spending a lot of money, spending a lot of time, being on social media, being on camera, toxic beauty products, dairy, being alone, etc.

Now… THIS is where most people usually stop. And that’s why coaches, creators, entrepreneurs don’t make the money they want.

But we’re gonna keep going.


THIS is their why. And it is THE most important part of the process.

WHY do they want to lose weight, learn how to knit, get a date, or make more money?

Because the truth is… NO ONE wants to lose weight. They want the feeling of confidence that comes after they do.

Here are some “I help” statements that show why the “so that/outcome” part is so important… 

  • I help new moms lose the last 10 pounds in the next 90 days so that they never feel like the biggest girl in the room again! 
  • I help introverts ditch insecurity and finally feel like a badass so that they never worry about having a dinner date again!
  • I help entrepreneurs grow their business to $20k months, effortlessly, so that they don’t burn out and ruin the relationships that mean the most to them!

If you’re a coach, creator, or product maker, you have a signature system. A way you do things.

For example, mine is the SELF Made Model. And the SELF Made Method.

It’s how I get the results for my clients that they want so that they work less hours, make more money, and enjoy a healthy breakfast with their kiddos without rushing. (see what I did there?)

So, take on your signature system (and create one if you don’t have one) and the 5 Step Dreamy Client Framework is done!

Put it all together for your “I Help Statement.”

I help (your clear audience) (results they want) without (what they want to avoid) so that (dreamy outcome) using (signature system).

Use it to market, tell people what you do, sell your offerings, create content, post in your IG bio, etc!

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