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How To Scale Your Business Fast (With a Fresh Identity)



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How To Scale Your Business Fast (With a Fresh Identity)

I’m getting ready to hop in the car and head to my friend, Lisa Nichols’ live event here in LA. Cynthia Garcia shares how to scale your business fast.

I’ve spent the last couple of days with her, watching her change lives.

It’s so inspiring and I love the time we’ve had backstage just being ridiculous together.

Also this past week, Rain graduated from middle school!!!

But also… what. the fuck?

I swear she was born last week. I have photos. Sighhhhh anyway….

Now, she’s officially a high schooler!

And even more than that…

She’s leaving all of her friends from middle school behind and joining a totally new community.

She reflected for several months before she decided that she was ready to shed her old identity and step into a brand new environment and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

She stands so strong in who she is.

She’s confident and makes her own choices and I am amazed by her daily.

Her embracing this new identity got me to thinking about my own.

I feel like so much has changed for me over the last year and it continues to do so.

I’m exploring new ideas, projects, and ways of being.

Some is working, some isn’t, but I’m learning so much in the process.

I don’t ever want to get stuck and stop evolving. We’re made to grow, push boundaries, and explore everything this one precious life has to offer.

But when’s the last time you did that?

When’s the last time you thought… “Not today MF. Today, some shit changes around here”?

And then, you actually took action to change it?

If it’s been too long, no worries. I’m here to help. I will show you how to scale your business fast.

Today, we’ll explore shedding layers, transforming yourSELF and your business, and embracing this one precious life – because as we all know, it passes too quickly.

Sending love and sunshine!


Ditch the Script: How To Redefine Yourself And Scale Your Business Fast

Ever felt like you were living someone else’s life?

Like you were following a script that didn’t quite fit?

That was me.

For years, I played roles that others had written for me – dutiful daughter, agreeable business partner, predictable entrepreneur.

But deep down, I felt stifled, like I was wearing too many layers that weren’t really mine.

I said “yes” to everything to make people happy and sacrificed the things that were most important to me for dumb reasons.

And then one day… I had my “never fucking again” moment.

I decided enough was enough and I wanted to feel alive – on my terms – not just go through the motions.

So, I started shedding old layers.

I left behind identities that no longer served me and began redefining mySELF, stripping away the parts that didn’t fit who I truly was.

I let go of the “shoulds” and embraced the “wants.” (You know I’ve talked about that before.)

I asked myself, “What makes me feel alive?”

And then, I did more of that.

I adopted the identity of someone who lives fully and authentically.

I created identity statements like…

… “I’m the kind of person who follows my passions no matter what anyone else thinks.”

… “I’m the kind of person who embraces change and lives life on my own terms.”

This shift was liberating AF.

It brought a new energy into my life and, interestingly, into my business as well.

You see, when you redefine yourself and shed those old layers, you make room for new possibilities, new ideas, and new opportunities.

You start to see your business not just as a job, but as a vibrant, living part of who you are.

It gets to be FUN again!

So, I invite you to take a moment to think about what layers you’re ready to shed.

What parts of your life no longer serve you?

What passions have you been ignoring?

It’s time to redefine yourself and embrace what makes you feel truly alive.

Because again… it’s just too short not to.

Unlock Rapid Growth: How to Scale Your Business Fast with New Offers, Pricing, and Marketing

Redefining yourself can transform your business in mind blowing ways.

Here are three simple steps to help you grow your business with fresh offers, pricing, and marketing strategies:

Ready? Let’s do it!

1. Create New Offers that Excite You

When you’re passionate about something, it shows. Your energy is contagious, and it attracts people.

Look at your current offerings. Do they excite you? Do they align with what makes you feel alive?

If not, it’s time to change them!

Think about new products or services that ignite your passion.

Maybe it’s a workshop, a new course, a premium service, or a unique product line.

(I’m doing this myself and am so excited to share it with you soon!)

For example, if you love teaching, launch a series of live webinars or masterclasses.

If you’re passionate about a specific aspect of your industry, create a niche product that reflects that passion and then sell the shit out of it!

When you’re excited about what you’re offering, your audience will be too.

And when they’re excited, they buy! (cha-ching!)

2. Raise Your Prices to Reflect Your Value

As you redefine yourSELF, your perception of value shifts.

You start to see your inherent value and what you bring to the world.

You recognize that you’re kind of a major badass. Go you!

That being said… It’s important that your pricing reflects this newfound value.

What I’m saying here is…

Don’t be afraid to adjust your prices.

You’ve shed old layers and embraced new ones, which means you’re bringing more to the table.

For instance, if you’ve launched a high ticket coaching program or a product, set premium pricing that reflects the transformation you’re providing.

Remember, people are willing to pay for what excites them and solves their problems in unique ways.

3. Market Like A MF – With Authenticity and Passion

Your marketing should be a reflection of your redefined self.

Authenticity and passion should be at the core of your marketing strategy.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…

If you’re not excited about your offers, no one else will be either!

Share your journey with your audience.

Let them see the real you – the person who’s shedding layers, embracing their passion, and living fully.

Use storytelling to connect on a deeper level. (Need more help on storytelling? I just dropped a brand new class called, “The 3-Step Storytelling Framework that Sells” in the SELF Made Membership! Check it out!)

Tell your audience about why you’ve made these changes, what excites you about your new offers, and how they can benefit from them.

(Remember… people buy outcomes so paint the picture of what’s possible with your offers!)

For example, if you’ve introduced a new product line, share the story behind its creation.

If you’ve started offering a new service, explain what inspired you and how it can transform your clients’ lives.

When your marketing is authentic and passionate, it resonates more with your audience and builds stronger connections.

Again… if you’re excited about it, THEY will be TOO!

So, the bottom line is this…

… create offers that make you come alive.

… price your products and services to reflect their true value.

… market with authenticity and passion.

By redefining yourself and shedding those old layers, you’ll not only feel more alive, but you’ll also breathe new life into your business.

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