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How to Become Your Next Level Self in Two Simple Steps



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How to Become Your Next Level Self in Two Simple Steps

Cynthia Garcia shares how to become your next level self.

I’m writing to you from wine country in California while sipping a hot cup of coffee, curled up with a blanket.

Zak and I drove up on Thursday to connect with friends and speak at a mastermind event.

Everything is in bloom and scents are intoxicating!

We spent the drive time connecting, making some plans for our future (including a summer vacay I’m super excited about), and talking business (cause we do that).

That night, we had dinner at an amazing tapas restaurant in Paso Robles.

Sidebar: I don’t know about you, but I’m currently obsessed with tapas.

I love being able to have small portions and try different things on the menu. SO much better than just one big meal, in my opinion.

Anyway… where were we…

=On Friday and Saturday, we masterminded with some game-changing entrepreneurs in the health space.

I was so inspired by the work they’re doing to help us live better while living longer!

You know I’ve been about my health lately and this event just took it to a whole other level!

I’m realizing as I take mySELF and my businesses to a whole new level, it requires a whole new ME.

I know that’s probably obvious but you’d be surprised at the number of people who want to change but stay the same – at the same time!

Maybe you’re one of them? 😉 (no judging)

So, today… that fact that your next level requires a new you.

Now, before my coffee gets cold and I have to hit the road, let’s get into it!

To the next level you!


Who Is Your Next Level Self?

Once you accept that your new level requires a new you, you must get clear on who that new identity is.

(And let me be clear… you do not have to choose a new level or change anything. As you know, the choice, as always, is yours. But if you are ready for your next level… keep reading…)

WHO do you want to be?

Today I want to give you a new way to create your next level Future Self.

We’re gonna write a letter to yourSELF from your Future Self.

Make sense?

Start by addressing yourSELF with love and excitement, like you’re reconnecting with a long-lost friend.

Describe in vivid detail who you are in the future and how it feels to embody that next level identity.

Talk about the qualities, traits, and values that define your Future Self – confidence, courage, resilience, abundance – or something else entirely!

Use “I am” statements to embody the future you.

Write about the goals you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Talk about how you had to let your next level Self guide you to get here.

As you’re writing, let your imagination run wild as horses in Wyoming (do they have wild horses in Wyoming? Utah? Whatever, you get it).

Don’t hold back – this is your chance to dream big and envision the life you truly desire.

Pour your heart and soul into every word, expressing just how amazing it feels to be Future You.

Once you’ve finished writing, read the letter aloud to yourSELF.

Feel the emotions wash over you as you connect with your Future Self on a deep level.

Then, fold the letter and tuck it away in a safe place – maybe in a drawer, a journal, or a keepsake box (do people still have those?).

This letter is a powerful reminder of the incredible person you’re becoming and the journey you’re embarking on.

Keep this letter somewhere you can revisit it whenever you need a boost of motivation. You know… on those days where you just can’t.

Let it serve as a guide to your future.

When you need to make decisions – big or small – pull out this letter and let your Future Self guide you to the best one.

And remember, the future is yours to create – so dream boldly, believe fiercely, and unleash your Future YOU here and now!

Speaking of that… how do you do that? Keep reading!

How To Become Your Next Level Self

So now that your next level Future Self has spoken to you and you’re clear on where you’re going, let’s start by getting rid of the things holding you back.

It could be people, places, or things. Ideas, mindsets, or even yourSELF.

What needs to move out of your way?

This isn’t always pretty or a barrel full of monkeys (why would monkeys be in a barrel? Ughhh the shit that clogs up my thoughts!) BUT it is necessary.

As I said earlier… you can not change and stay the same at the same time.


You… you just can’t.

So… back to the old pen and paper.

Write down all the things that have kept you stuck – remember… people, places, and things.

Be honest with yourSELF.

When you’re finished, look at the list.

If you don’t see these things bringing you closer to the Future Self who wrote you that letter, you have to let them go.

Now… here’s what I want you to know…

Letting go of the people, places, and things that no longer serve your Future Self doesn’t have to be dramatic, painful, or a complete shit show that will leave friends and neighbors talking about it for years to come.

It can simply be a peaceful letting go in order to move forward.

It’s all about the STORY you tell yourSELF when you do the letting go.

If the story is all dramatic and traumatic, your experience will be too.

Remember, the simple action of letting things go has no meaning – until you give it one with the story you tell about it.

So, write a story that serves you.

Send those people, places, and things off in gratitude.

Stay focused on taking the actions that will ensure you and your Future Self are twins one day.

Won’t that be fun?!

Ok, time to get on the road!

And remember, nothing changes unless you do so…will you take action to create your next level self?

The choice, as always, is yours.

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