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How I Create Magnetic Messaging Copy that Converts and Boosts Sales!



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How I Create Magnetic Messaging Copy that Converts and Boosts Sales!

How was your week?

Mine was much slower than usual and I’m here for it! Cynthia Garcia shares how I create copy that converts.

Rain was with her dad this week so Zak and I had the opportunity to connect in a way that you just can’t do when kiddos are around.

We spent nights sitting outside by the firepits, enjoyed some delish dinners in our new neighborhood, and made some exciting plans for the future – including a summer vacay we’ve been talking about!

I feel very … fed.

Rain came home yesterday and is still sleeping but when she gets up, we’re going to spend the day together. I can’t wait for that!

It’s wild to see how quickly she’s growing! AND…  I know the rest of her time at home will go by in a flash! (Ugh… make it stop!)

Anyway… before she’s up and at ‘em, I wanted to write this for you!

So… each week you read this blog.

There are a lot of newsletters you could read but you chose this one. (I’m so honored, truly.)

When I ask people why they read it they say one of these things…

“I love how you just tell it like it is. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

“I feel like you’re talking right to me. Like we’re friends!”

“I love your stories and keeping up with you and your family.”

Warms my heart.

What all of these responses have in common is… me.

I’m just… me! And that’s what people want.

People want to connect with people. (imagine)

Which is why today, I wanted to talk to you about using YOUR voice to create content that stands out. That gets attention. That’s not vanilla.

I will show you how I create magnetic messaging (aka copy that converts) – using three steps – that brings in sales daily (and will do the same for you)!

There’s a LOT of information flying around the interwebs these days and it’s harder and harder to get people’s attention.

Today I will help you fix that.

So, let’s get into it!


Rewriting My Stories To Create Copy That Converts

“Your writing just isn’t very good,” he said.


So, I asked him… “What do you mean?”

“Well,” he replied, “It’s just too fluffy. It goes on and on. Plus, it’s boring.”

And wouldn’t you know it, I believed that shit.


I adopted the identity of a “bad writer”.

And that held me back and kept me stuck for longer than I care to admit.

Funny enough… my “bad writing” has made me millions of dollars so… clearly, he was wrong.

But that whole incident did start me on a road to becoming a better writer  – a writer that wasn’t “vanilla”.

Because vanilla will get you nowhere fast.

I studied copywriters who specialize in copy that converts like Gary Bencivenga and Perry Belcher.

Also, I studied traditional writers like Stephen King.

Then, I adopted the identity of a writer and I acted as if.

I did what writers do… like WRITE … every day (imagine).

And I got better and better. And better.

Then I wrote two books that sold over a million copies so… that happened.

But I’m not special.

You can do it too.

And it all starts with the first step… adopting the identity of a great writer.

Consider an identity statement like…

“I’m the kind of person who writes every day, no matter what.”

“I’m the kind of person who writes copy that converts and loves learning new words to substitute for “vanilla” ones.”

You get the idea.

AND THEN… you take action!

More on that in the next part but for now… work on rewriting the old stories you have about being able to create good copy.

You know the stories like…

“I’m not a good writer.” (basic but powerful)

“I don’t know enough words.”

“I’m not funny enough to be a good writer.”

 “It’s too hard to write good content.”

On and on and on.

Then, choose your new identity and take action!

Speaking of…

How To Write Copy That Is Anything BUT Vanilla

There are SO many things I’ve learned that makes copy anything BUT boring / vanilla.

Through a lot of trial and error, this is the three steps I use to create magnetic messaging and copy that converts and boost sales.

There are many more tips where these came from (should we host a workshop? Hmmm let me know!)  but these are some of the most important ones you can start using today for words that knock people’s left socks off (AND gets them to buy):

  1. Be YOU!

Seriously… I know that sounds like… “wow, thanks Captain Obvious,” but you would be shocked at how many people try to be someone else when they create messaging or copy – especially for their business.

They try to sound “professional” or “cool”.

And it never works.

It just sounds strange.

Instead, just be who you are (even if YOU’RE strange – no judging).

Say things how YOU would say them.

Use YOUR words.

You know me… I say the strangest shit sometimes.

But it’s ME. It’s who I am. It’s what makes me stand out.

Some people don’t like it, which means they don’t stick around. (love you, bye!)

But the people who do? Well, they’re my people!

So… use YOUR words!

Which leads me to…

  1. Write like you speak.

When writing marketing copy that you don’t want to sound vanilla, write how you actually speak.

Again… obvioussssss, I know.

BUT… do you DO it? Mm hmm.

When you write like you speak, you make a real connection with your audience.

It’s like chatting with a friend over coffee, not reading a textbook.

When I write this newsletter every week, I imagine that I’m writing to my girlfriend.

I imagine that I am picking up my phone to send her a voice text (which always ends up being 10 minutes long but… not the point).

I write to you the way I would say things to her – because WE are friends too!

Or, at least, I WANT us to be.

But I know if I talk to you like I’m writing a user manual, that’s never gonna happen.

When you write like you speak, it’s human.

You’ll create content that grabs attention and gets people to take action – aka copy that converts.

After all, isn’t that what you want?

And finally…

  1. Tell stories.

When you share a personal story, you’re not just selling a product or service, you’re connecting on a human level.

And remember what I always say…

People buy people and then they buy things.

(I should get that tattooed on me… anywayyy…)

Stories invite other people into your world.

They’re personal.

They make us feel something.

Stories are anything but vanilla.

When I tell you about my daughter, I bet your think of YOUR kiddo. Or your furkid. Or your friend that has a kid.

When I talk about my struggles or pain, you recall YOUR struggles and pain.

You can relate. We have things in common.

It’s like we know each other.

And when people feel like they know you, they will begin to trust you.

And when they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

Facts, figures, statistics, and basic information you can find on Google is vanilla.

Stories are chocolate with firework sprinkles topped with rainbow ribbons!

So… the bottom line is this…

… tell more stories where you’re just YOU (strangeness and all)

… write like you speak

… and watch people engage and take action!

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