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How Do You Know EVERYTHING Is Possible?



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How Do You Know EVERYTHING Is Possible?

So, I FINALLY made it to Portland after the snow and ice storms – whew!

I am in a season of creation as I’m pulling together some amazing new things for our coaches at ITN (and those who want to become one) AND I’m going to be relaunching The SELF Made Method to focus on building your business to $10k months and beyond.

It’s SO good! If you’re a coach or creator, you’re gonna want to see this! Cynthia Garcia shares why everything is possible for you.

So, lots going on, but as usual, I made time for Zak and I to connect and enjoy this one wild and precious life.

Even though it’s a full season, I am still about working less and making more. Because, why not?

Anyway… I felt like we needed to enjoy an afternoon out and about so, we went wine tasting.

Now, wine tasting isn’t exactly out of my comfort zone but it was a new place we had been wanting to try.

So, we connected with a couple of friends and took Thursday afternoon to connect, chat, and enjoy a mouth-watering dinner in the tasting room.

But, before we headed out, I took a minute to respond to one of our members in The SELF Made Membership.

Her situation was one that I see coming up a lot for people on the journey of becoming SELF Made so I thought I would share it with you too.

Essentially, she was having a hard time creating her Future Self because she had spent so many years focused on the “shoulds” that she didn’t know what her “wants” were.

She said she’s just now starting to find out who she is.

It’s so powerful and I love that she’s diving in and doing this work!

And it made me think of you…

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing?

Like there’s something you’re missing?

Do YOU know what YOU really want out of this one life?

Do you know what’s possible for you? What’s available for you?

Because the truth is, EVERYTHING is possible. EVERYTHING is available to you.

So, what does that look like? And how do you know what “EVERYTHING” is?

I’ll share what I shared with her…so keep reading!

Exploring Possibility to Get Clear on What You Want

When I first started to realize that I could design the life I wanted, I’ll be honest… I didn’t really know what that was.

Like our SELF Made Member, I too had just been going through the motions of life.

Working every day, eating dinner, cleaning the house, reading a book, watching some TV. Sometimes I would connect with friends but most of the time I wouldn’t.

So, when I started to dream big, believing that I could create the life I wanted, I was at a loss.

WHAT could I want?

WHAT was available to me?

I knew I wanted more money but how much? I wanted a nice home but what kind? Where? How many bedrooms? Baths?

I knew I wanted nicer clothes but what brands? What designs? Colors?

I wanted MORE but what in the world did that even mean?

I realized there was a whole big world out there that I knew nothing about.

Remember, I grew up in a home with no running water in the Appalachian Mountains. We didn’t exactly read Vogue and Architectural Digest in those parts.

So, I started putting myself out into the world like a little bitty inchworm. Slowly at first, testing the waters, and then going bigger.

I visited new places, met new people, engaged with new cultures, and ate food I had never had before.

It changed so much for me. I was finally able to start to create my Future Self because I know what was possible. And as I learned about more possibilities, my desires grew and changed.

They’re STILL growing and changing!

We should never give up exploring and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

If you find yourSELF struggling to get clear on what you want like I was, like my SELF Made Member is, try this…

Get out of your comfort zone and do something different – something you never thought of or even something you think you wouldn’t like.

Line dancing? Art therapy? Yoga class? Concert? Comedy club? Outdoor Adventures? Traveling alone? Going to a new restaurant with a different cuisine than you normally eat, alone?

Really push yourself. Do ALL the things you don’t want to.

Strike up conversations with people you normally wouldn’t connect with. Go to meetups in your area that you normally wouldn’t attend. Read books on topics you normally wouldn’t read.

This will open you up to new possibilities that you never knew existed and it will help you see what you really want to create for your Future SELF.

I invite you to spend some time today and this week exploring, playing, and being open to possibility in your own life.

Bonus points if you keep a journal to document your experiences and insights.

Did you learn anything new about yourself? What surprised you or what ignited your passion? What are some of the things you’re excited to create and/or enjoy now that you know they’re possible?

Tell me what you find!

Trying New Things to Discover Everything is Possible

Often, we limit ourselves by staying within the cozy cocoon of our comfort zone.

But true growth and self-discovery happen when we step outside those boundaries and explore new territories—both within and outside ourselves.

Now… I know you might be thinking… “Ughhhhh Cynthia. Do I haveeeee to?”

And I get it! Oh, how I get it.

As an introvert, putting mySELF into new situations with new people in new places can be SO hard for me!

Networking? Can I just light mySELF on fire instead?

I know… I’m so dramatic. But seriously.

I like being a little creature of habit so what I do when I KNOW it’s important to push myself is…

Act like I’m not an introvert.

I know… you thought I was gonna have something WAY cooler to say there but… nope.

See, here’s the thing… The identity of my Future Self ISN’T introverted.

That bitch will say and do and play full out. She’s amazing! I love her.

So, I just step into her and I act as if.

It’s almost like I’m playing a role in a movie except the movie is my life and I’m the main character.

If the anxiety comes up, I just respond how my Future Self would… I play it cool, I laugh it off, I let it go. And it works! It’s such a powerful form of SELF Care.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Or… not!

The choice, as always, is yours.

Using Evidence to Believe Everything is Possible

Success often follows those who dare to venture beyond their comfort zones.

As you explore new places, connect with diverse people, and embrace novel experiences, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your potential.

 But when it comes to envisioning your business, your success, in the future, how do you know what’s possible?

It’s a question I hear from many entrepreneurs who are ready to make more money while working less and having time to spend on the things they love.

The key lies in embracing the power of imagination and learning from those who have gone before you.

Start by seeking out inspiration. Identify successful entrepreneurs or businesses in your field who have achieved what you desire.

Read their books, watch their interviews, and learn from them. You don’t have to recreate the wheel.

One of the keys to my success is watching the people who have gone before me and just doing what they’ve done. It’s not rocket science.

Next, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey. The SELF Made Membership is a great place to start!

Get in the room with people who are also dreaming bigger, wanting more, and doing big things. That kind of energy is contagious!

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