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The Power of Accepting Responsibility



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Are You Accepting Responsibility In Your Life?

I’m writing to you from a little corner café where I’m sipping the BEST almond milk latte and enjoying light piano music playing from the overhead speakers.

It’s… a vibe.

This week has been full.

I’m prepping for the workshop I’m teaching and it has been such a fun experience pulling together content to share with you.

Things like…

Of course, there’s lots more including how you can make the income and impact you know you’re meant for, etc.

But I really want to hone in on this idea of accepting responsibility for who and where you are.

Deep breath… we’re in this together.

You see, I too have played the“blame game”, always finding someone or something to blame for my circumstances.

I dealt with anger issues for years because things weren’t going the way I wanted them to.

But then slowly (oh so slowly) I realized that maybe the problem wasn’t them.

Maybe the problem was me. Ouch!

So, I decided to do something different.

I decided to stop pointing the finger at others and pay attention to the ones pointing back at me. And that’s when things changed.

And the truth is… It was hard. At first.

But I quickly saw that by accepting full responsibility (no excuses or passing the buck), I could step in and take control to change things.

When I blamed other people, places, or things, it left me completely powerless to change things because they were always outside of me.

But when I decided that I was going to take full responsibility for the good, bad, and questionable, I became empowered.

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