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Unlock Daily Sales: How to Transform Your Mindset and Scale Your Business Effortlessly

This week was a total blur with Rain getting so close to finishing middle school.

She has 3 days left next week and she’s on to high school. Ahhhhhh! I can’t!!!! Cynthia Garcia shares how to make sales daily online.

Friday evening we put a spin on our usual “Pizza and a Movie Night” by doing it with friends. SO much fun!

And then Saturday, we headed to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch yet ANOTHER movie.

Ok, so I KNOW that sounds weird AF so let me explain…

Every summer in LA, movie screenings are held outdoors on Fairbanks Lawn, which is an open grassy field inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, under the stars.

People bring blankets and picnic baskets of yummy food and it is SO much fun! Literally, one of my favorite things about LA.

There’s a DJ spinning, a photo booth, and other fun activities before the movie so it becomes a whole evening.

Anyway… now you know.

So… we did that.

Today we have a quiet morning and then Zak and I are heading out for a quiet date night to reconnect and talk about the week ahead. It’s such a great practice we have and completely realigns us on our goals.

And speaking of goals… this week I had a client who said to me, “I just want to make sales every single day. Is that too much to ask?”

Now, you already know my answer… fuck to the no, that’s not too much to ask!

It’s totally possible! So today, I’m going to share what it takes to make that happen.

You ready?

Let’s do it!


PS I’ve been sharing a different type of content on Instagram. Have you seen it? Let me know your thoughts!

Transform Your Mindset: How to Make Daily Sales Online by Shifting Your Identity

“Sales every day? That’s impossible for me.”

Ever thought that?

I did.

I used to think daily sales were something only software companies or huge coaches like Tony Robbins could achieve. Not me, with my one-on-one coaching, online courses, and programs. It felt like an insurmountable goal.

Now, I was a lot younger then (and a lot dumber, tbh) so take that into account.

But then, I realized that the only thing stopping me was… me.

I was playing small, letting old stories dictate my actions and results.

I said (dumb) things like…

“I’m not good at selling.”

“People don’t want to buy every day.”

“It’s too hard to make consistent sales.”

Sound familiar?

Those stories were holding me back.

So, I decided to rewrite them, cause that’s what I do.

I adopted the identity of my future self – someone who makes sales every day.

And I created Identity Statements I could tell mySELF every morning…

“I’m the kind of person who makes sales daily with ease.”

“I’m the kind of person who attracts clients and customers effortlessly and confidently offers products so people can happily buy them.”

Embracing this identity changed everything.

It shifted my mindset and, in turn, my actions. Because that’s how that works.

When you think different, you do different things.

I started showing up differently.

I made offers regularly, created valuable content, and had fun with my business (imagine!).

Here’s the thing…

It’s not just about believing you can make sales every day – it’s about becoming the person who does.

Let that sink in.

And then, take a moment to think about the stories you’re telling yourSELF.

Write them down and then rewrite them.

Here’s an exercise to get you started:

  1. Write down three limiting beliefs you have about making daily sales.
  2. Rewrite each one into a positive, empowering new story.
  3. Repeat these new stories daily – especially before you start your workday.

For example:

– “I’m not good at selling” becomes “I’m a natural at selling and enjoy it.”

– “People don’t want to buy every day” becomes “People are eager to buy from me every day.”

– “It’s too hard to make consistent sales” becomes “Making consistent sales is easy and fun.”

Go it?

Create new Identity Statements and repeat them daily.

Rewrite three stories and repeat them daily.

You can do this!

Now, let’s move to the practical steps to make daily sales a reality.

How to Make Daily Sales Online: Proven Strategies for Online Entrepreneurs

To make sales every day in your online business, especially if it involves one-on-one coaching, online courses, and programs, you need a strategic approach.

Here’s how I would do it:

1. Show Up as Your Unique Self

People buy from people they connect with. Your unique personality, story, and perspective are what set you apart.

Remember… people buy people then they buy things.

So, share a personal story related to your expertise at least once a week on social media.

Write down three unique aspects of your journey that you can share with your audience.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Share a personal story of something you overcame.
  • Post a behind-the-scenes look at your work process and how you get results for others.
  • Highlight a client success story as an authority post, relating it to your unique methodology.

2. Make Offers ALLLL the M.F. TIME!

Don’t be shy about making offers. If you’re not offering your services or products, people won’t know they’re available (hi).

Here’s an idea to help you get started…

Every Friday, highlight an offer or promo. You could offer a bundle deal for your courses, a 24 hour only discount, or a limited-time bonus for signing up.

3. Implement a Regular Content Strategy

Consistent, valuable content keeps you top of mind and builds trust with your audience.

We all know this BUT… are you DOING it?

If not, let’s fix that right now.

Here’s a 7 day content template to get you started:

Monday: Inspiration post about the “in-between” moments you experienced during your own transformation.

Tuesday: Authority content that tells them how you’ve done something they want to do and gives them helpful info so they can do it too.

Wednesday: Mindset post about the top thing your audience struggles with when it comes to mindset.

Thursday: Authority content that tells them how you’ve done something they want to do and gives them helpful info so they can do it too.

Friday: Education post that walks them step-by-step through a process to help them reach their goals.

Saturday: Inspiration post about what’s possible for them by working with you.

Sunday: Authority post on how you met a goal so they can learn from you.

4. Have Fun with Your Business

OMG this one tho!

When you’re having fun, it shows. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious, making your audience excited to work with you.

So take some time today to brainstorm three ways you can bring the fun back to your business!

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Host a live Ask Me Anything session where you answer audience questions in a casual, fun manner. Just be YOU!
  • Create a themed series (e.g., “Motivation Mondays” where you share a motivational tip each week) IF that’s fun to you and if not, do something else!
  • Celebrate milestones with your audience (e.g., “We just hit 1,000 subscribers! Here’s a special offer to celebrate!”).

So, the bottom line is this…

… show up as your unique self.

… make offers regularly.

… implement a regular content strategy.

… have fun with your business!

By embracing your future self who makes sales daily and following these practical steps above, you’ll become THAT business owner who flys first-class, shops the bougie stores, and has a life so good they’re only jealous of their SELF!

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