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From Self-Doubt to SELF Made: Elevate Your Self Worth and Boost Your Net Worth



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From Self-Doubt to SELF Made: Elevate Your Self Worth and Boost Your Net Worth

I’m enjoying a hot almond milk latte, sitting in my writing chair, reflecting back on the past week.

We had a super high earning week in the business and I got to chat with some new clients who are ready to scale their businesses to multiple millions.

I’m beyond excited for them! Cynthia Garcia shares how to improve self worth.

It’s an interesting time in my own business as I’m laying the foundation to scale beyond anything I’ve done before.

It’s taking a lot of rewriting stories, changing my daily routines, and upleveling my offers.

I’m focused both on my SELF worth and my net worth at the same time.

It has not been easy.

Some days feels like I’m slogging through quicksand and some days feel like I’m flying!

There are times where I feel unstoppable and times that I feel like I’m kidding mySELF to think I can reach my goals.

Do you ever feel this way?

Here’s the thing… we’re in this together. You are not alone and neither am I.

Today, I’ll share more on my process of elevating my identity and stepping into my Future Self and share some tips, tricks, and tools on how you can join me.

And then?

Well then I’m getting a much-needed massage by the pool and relaxing with Rain and Zak. Thinking we’ll go out to dinner tonight before starting another full week.

Ok… times a wasting! Ready?

Let’s do this!


Why Other People’s Opinions Improved My SELF Worth

“Honestly,” she said, “you’re just not worth it.”


Has this ever happened to you? Because it sure as shit happened to me!

Let me explain…

I had just finished a discovery call with a potential new client.

She shared what she needed help with and in turn, I shared how I could help her and told her the investment to work with me.

That’s when she said it.

“That’s way too much for what you’re offering.”

I felt like I had been smacked in the face.

So, I asked her to elaborate… share more about what she meant.

And that’s when she said, “Honestly, you’re just not worth it.”

Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe the person didn’t say it outright, but their actions or attitudes made it clear they didn’t see your true value?

That used to hit me hard.

The truth is…

For years, I let other people’s opinions shape how I saw myself.

If someone didn’t see my worth, I believed them.

I immediately felt small, questioning my skills, my expertise, my worth.

Asking mySELF… “Who am I to charge that much?”

But then, that day on that discovery call, something in me shifted.

I realized that I was giving away my power by letting others decide my value.

Why should they get to decide what I’m worth? Seriously… WTF had I been thinking?

From that moment on, I made a choice to reclaim my power.

I decided that I am the only one who gets to determine my value.

I adopted the identity of someone who knows their worth – and asks for it – 10000% unapologetically.

Because I MF can.

I created identity statements like…

“I’m the kind of person who knows my value and isn’t afraid to ask for it.”

“I’m the kind of person who brings stupid value to the table and people will easily 2 – 10x their investment with me… and is no longer available to work with people who can’t see my value.”

And do you know what happened?

I had even MORE opportunities to work with even MORE clients!

It’s wild that when you decide you’re worth more/improve your self worth, the universe starts creating paths to make it a reality.

You see…

When you embrace your true value, it changes everything.

You walk into rooms differently.

You negotiate and show up differently.

And it starts with YOU deciding what you’re worth – not anyone else.

So, let’s rewrite those old stories like…

“I’m not worth that much.”

 “I should just accept whatever I’m given.”

“I can’t ask for more.”

Replace them with your new identity:

“I know my worth and I stand by it.” 

“I deserve to be valued for what I bring.”

“I’m confident in my value and I ask for it unapologetically.”

Got it?

Now, let’s move to the next part where we talk about how this translates into your net worth.

How To Improve SELF Worth AND Net Worth

Now that you’re embracing your SELF worth, let’s talk about how this affects your net worth.

Here are three powerful steps to help you establish and maintain your value in the marketplace:

1. Set Your Price and Stick to It

Once you know your worth, it’s time to set your price. This isn’t just about money – it’s about the value you deliver.

When you set your price, do it with confidence.

You’ve put in the work, you’ve honed your skills, and you bring something unique to the table that others don’t have – otherwise they wouldn’t be looking to work with you in the first place. (hi)

Don’t undercut yourself just to land a client or sell a course.

Stand firm in your pricing.

Remember, the right clients will recognize and appreciate your value.

If someone tries to negotiate you down or doesn’t see your worth, they’re not your ideal client. Easy, peasy and thank you, next!

2. Communicate Your Value Clearly

Knowing your value is one thing; communicating it effectively is another.

Make sure you can articulate the benefits and outcomes of what you offer.

People are paying for results so be clear about how your products or services solve problems, save time, improve lives, or generate revenue.

Use testimonials, case studies, and tangible results to back up your claims.

When you confidently communicate your value, others are more likely to see and respect it.

3. Invest in Yourself

Your net worth will grow as your self-worth grows, and investing in yourSELF is key to this growth.

Take courses, hire coaches, join a community, attend workshops and events – whatever you need to continuously improve and expand your skills.

The more you invest in yourSELF, the more value you bring to the table. AND the more confident you feel asking for what you’re worth.

And as your value increases, so should your pricing.

It’s a continuous cycle: the more you grow, the more you can offer, and the more your services and products are worth.

Remember: you’re in charge of deciding your value – both in terms of self-worth and net worth.

So, the bottom line is this…

… know your worth and demand it.

… communicate your value effectively.

… invest in yourself continuously.

Do these, and watch your confidence soar, your business grow, and your income skyrocket.

Cheers to you being SELF Made!

SELF Made Members Improve Self Worth

I realized as I sat down to write you this email that one of the ways you can continuously feel supported is to be with your people.

To have a community that lifts you up and helps you remember who the fuck you are.

That reminds you that you’re worthy. That you deserve the best.

You’ll find that in the SELF Made Membership.

This is the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to get feedback directly from me and others just like YOU who are building both their SELF worth and their net worth at the same time.

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