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You’ve tried all the things and still… nothing works.
You are stuck.

hard truth time

At the end of the day, changing your thoughts, your clothes, your friends, or your morning routine won’t get you unstuck for good. It might help for a minute but then things go back to normal. I know you know.

You can not change your life for good until you discover the Stuck Story you’ve written about it. And then write a new one.

discover your stuck story now!

Simply put, something happens in your life and your brain tells a story to give meaning to the event so you can make sense of it.

These stories create our reality.

but what do you mean... what "stories"?

Here’s a glimpse into the Narrative Psychology that informs the Stuck Story Coaching Method.


the important part is...

The events that happen to us have no power. 

It’s the STORY you tell about the event that determines how you respond, who you become, and how you live your life.

event (fact)

story (fiction)

You texted a friend but she didn’t text back. 

let me give you some examples:

She no longer wants to be friends so I’m not worthy of having good friends

Your mom neglected you as a child.

I don’t matter.

You were cheated on. 

I’m not good enough so they found someone better.

The stories we tell control our thoughts, behaviors, actions, and even our personal identities. They create our SELF.

Then, we live our life according to those stories.

But what happens when those stories are just some random shit you made up that isn’t actually true?

We get and stay stuck.

this is how we become "self" made

To live the life you want, you must DISCOVER and REWRITE the hidden stories that keep you stuck using a proven method of neuroscience and narrative psychology.

(It’s the modern approach to personal development – and way more fun.)

Then (and only then) can lasting change happen.

It’s Time to Do Something Different


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Use the Short Story Coaching Method to rewrite your story and get unstuck.


Become SELF Made and create a life so good you’re only jealous of yourself.



We are all storytellers. Stories are the way we make sense of our lives. But what happens when the stories we tell are incomplete or downright wrong? We get (and stay) stuck.

You're just one story away...

It's ok to not be ok with where you are in life.

It’s painful to stay stuck, going through the motions, always ending up back where you started.

look... it's ok to not be ok

You’ll continue to feel like you’re not good enough, longing for more.

Your anxiety, pain, and frustration will continue or gets worse.

You’ll keep starting and stopping, searching for answers to a better life that never comes.

And yes, it will feel as shitty as it sounds.

Or you could do something different… (wild, I know, but go with it)

But As You Know...
If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes


No matter where you've been or what you’ve been through, you can create a life so good you’re only jealous of yourself - starting right now.

discover your stuck story now!


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- gina devee