Zak Garcia
Zak Garcia
Trauma: How To Cope When There Seems To Be No Hope With Zak Garcia


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I’m a small-town girl who grew up in an insanely dysfunctional home. I rewrote my story, achieved success, and now I help other women leaders create a life and business that’s so good they’re jealous of themselves.
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I'm Cynthia Garcia


Everyone experiences trauma.

Whether it’s an accident, a serious diagnosis, or a relationship that ends without warning, these events can stay with us for a long time after they occur.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) can surface after a range of events. We get a physical, mental, and emotional reaction to things that trigger the memory of whatever trauma we’ve experienced.

Those connections are very hard to break because of the emotional impact of the event, and it can happen with just about anything.

For me, one of the traumas I experienced was the emotional impact of growing up with my mother, so now even seeing my mom’s name on my phone creates a reaction in me.

And for today’s guest, my dear husband Zak Garcia, it was his experience as a Sergeant in the US Army in Iraq. Like many of our veterans, Zak had many traumatic experiences while he was in Iraq. This resulted in a tremendous emotional impact that has lasted to this day.

He’s made incredible strides in healing his body, mind, heart, and soul. And while the effects of PTSD may always remain with him, today he’s going to share his story and how he was able to not just survive, but create a life helping others do the same.

Here’s What You Will Discover In This Episode

  • 4:14 – Zak’s emotional journey to being diagnosed with PTSD and how it forever changed his life.
  • 12:13 – Zak’s inspirational path to recovery and what he learned along the way that can help you heal, too.
  • 18:41 – The life-changing role that meditation played in Zak’s journey and why you should consider doing the same.
  • 23:30 – The role of diet and nutrition in Zak’s journey with PTSD and how these changes aided in his recovery.
  • 25:42 – The necessary role that family and loved ones play in the lives of people suffering from PTSD and what you need to know right now.
  • 29:50 – The importance of forgiveness when it comes to healing and how you can learn to forgive others (and yourself) along the way.
  • 33:42 – The incredible thing that Zak is really hungry for and what it really means to him.

Trauma: How To Cope When There Seems To Be No Hope

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  1. Chris says:

    I share the exact same issue with you on the Mom thing. I cut ties a few years ago because as an adult I decided I no longer have to obligate myself to that very toxic relationship. I’m so much happier but whenever she attempts to call me or send me cards I get very anxious about it.

    • Cynthia Pasquella says:

      Thanks for sharing, Chris! Cutting ties with relatives can be very difficult, but it’s important that you focus on your own needs and well-being so you can live your best life!

  2. Stefi says:

    Very good video! Brave & conforting to hear – Thank you both

  3. Rachel P says:

    As a veteran of 25 years service and a survivor of domestic violence, I should have known what I was experiencing was PTSD. The biggest battle was leaving the military and continuing to feel I was contributing, I had purpose and was not broken. Thank you for sharing your experience and tools to heal yourself from the inside out and for starting the conversation on understanding the effects of trauma, and accumulative trauma. I look forward to trying some of these tools and looking at wholistically not just symptomatically healing.

    • Cynthia Pasquella says:

      Thank you SO much for sharing your story here as well, Rachel! That had to be such a hard transition, but I’m so glad you recognized that and took (and are taking) steps to heal yourself! Please keep me posted on how these tools work for you on your journey to healing!

  4. SK says:

    Cynthia , I am 42 and despairing about many things, but the two things stressing me out and leaving me hopeless and completely despairing the most are my financial situation (hard to make improvenebts there when you lack skills, money and enough time or not enough energy to make much use of any time you might have), and my lack of a wonderful boyfriend/spouse and biological children.

    Both things out of everything in my life are the two biggest but the lack of a significant other is THE most emotionally and sometimes physically painful (my heart feels so heavy). It’s not easy meeting quality men and especially at my age, I have no hope that I will ever meet someone who is available , age appropriate , local, and mutually attracted to. Even if I meet a decent man who is somewhat younger and who might take an initisl interest in me, it’s ruined when they find out my age. Ideally I would like to find someone close to my age but it seems most men my age are either married or taken , or divorced and not really looking for anything serious. I can’t seem to win.

    How do I NOT lose hope and fall into complete despair (believe me I am barely hanging on)?? The more time passes, the more I feel the possibilities slipping away. In the meantime , my job and tenuous financial situation is more than stressful enough on its own so you can imagine how much more painful it is to have to cope with the devastation of still being alone while worrying about something as “petty” as money. I see no relief in sight short of winning the super lotto. Then, I’d “only” have to deal with unwanted singleness.

    I’m tired of being in a perpetual state of worry and sadness. I wish I at least didn’t need to worry about being homeless because I could use that money more productively but whatever I earn all goes to BASIC expenses and I have nothing left over to save or put to use to dig myself out of this hole I’m in.

    I’m just so tired of it all .

    • Cynthia Pasquella says:

      Wow, I am so sorry to hear that you’re going through such a tough time, SK. It can be so easy to feel helpless and hopeless in hard times, but try your best to take care of yourself and focus on the things you do have control over right now. Keep breathing and keep persevering – things will get better.

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