Anthony Trucks
Anthony Trucks
Hustle: How To Stop Making Excuses and Finally Live a Life You Really Want with Anthony Trucks


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I’m a small-town girl who grew up in an insanely dysfunctional home. I rewrote my story, achieved success, and now I help other women leaders create a life and business that’s so good they’re jealous of themselves.
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I'm Cynthia Garcia


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I'm Cynthia Garcia


I learned early in life that nothing is handed to you on a silver platter.

No one gives you anything.

Life doesn’t work that way.

If you want something – love, a career you are passionate about, a close family, success, a home you enjoy, friends you want to spend time with, happiness – you have to go out in the world and get it.

You have to work – sometimes harder than anyone else – to get it.

And that’s ok.

In fact, it’s perfect.

Because when you get what you want (and you will if your desire for it is strong enough), it will feel so rewarding. It will feed your soul.

I’m no stranger to working hard for things. In fact, it’s what I’ve done my entire life.

And I’m grateful for that opportunity. And for the rewards it has brought into my life.

But I wasn’t always.

There were times when I was working so hard but not seeing the results I thought I should.

I couldn’t understand why things happened so much easier for other people. And I was jealous of that fact.

Now I realize that those things didn’t come easier for other people. It’s just that I didn’t see the struggle they went through to get what they wanted.

I didn’t see their hustle.

There’s only one way to live the life you really want and become the person you really want to be.

It’s to work every day toward that dream.

It’s to invest yourself in becoming that person and living that life with your whole being.

It’s not quitting, not stopping until you get there.

My guest on today’s episode of What You’re REALLY Hungry For is Anthony Trucks.

His story of overcoming the odds and hustling to have what he wants is so very inspiring and you don’t want to miss it.


What You Will Discover In This Episode

0:00 – Intro to Hustle: How To Stop Making Excuses and Finally Live a Life You Really Want
4:46 – Introducing Anthony Trucks
5:06 – How Anthony overcame a difficult childhood to live the life of his dreams
9:01 – What it REALLY means to hustle (hint: it’s not what you think!)
10:15 – How to tell if you’re not working hard enough to reach your goals
10:50 – Anthony’s key secret to moving mountains in your life (don’t miss this!)
12:23 – How to make the best possible choices even when life gets in the way
14:30 – What makes most people unhappy – and how YOU can avoid this!
16:22 – A simple strategy to get over the fear of judgment once and for all
18:51 – Anthony answers the question, “What are you REALLY hungry for?”
20:08 – YOUR challenge for the week


Hustle: How To Stop Making Excuses and Finally Live a Life You Really Want

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About Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks, former NFL player, is a global business consultant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, founder of Renew University online course, and author of Trust Your Hustle Pt. 1: A Life Forged by Fire. 

“Please tell my children who their father was” was the text message that 28 year old Anthony Trucks had written to send to his loved ones as he drove in search of rat poison one Saturday night.

Anthony Trucks had no idea who he was anymore as life had kicked him to the curb to the point where the emotional pain became physical pain was almost too much handle. Anthony just wanted it to stop. You have been there, right? (or maybe that’s where you are right now).

Anthony had been thrown many punches. He had lost his identity through so many life experiences and simply could not handle excessive amount of shifting around anymore. And that’s what it really is for all of us. Unexpected changes/transitions/shifts of our situation and identity in life that catch us off guard and stand to ruin everything. Stagnation and fear of change keep us stuck and slowly kills us inside because we lose ourselves and our happiness in the process.

Anthony started his life in foster care where he had 20 life shattering shifts. This shifts all started as early as three years old when Anthony and his three siblings entered into foster care. Anthony endured beatings, starvation, and forms of torture all before the age of six.

The atrocities turned into eight more years in foster care before Anthony was adopted into a poor all white family as the only black person, navigated his way through high school, sports, became a teen parent, married his high school sweetheart, found his biological father at 21, lost his first self-defining career to an injury, had twins at 25, went through a divorce, fully changed careers to a new venture, losing my adoptive mother and father, remarrying my ex-wife. So, a crazy “shift” goes on and on.

Hitting rock bottom, one is faced with a choice to die or make a change. Anthony found clarity eventually launching hope and eventually a burning passion in one’s life to FEEL more of every single day.

Anthony founded Identity ShiftIdentity Shift is accompany with one focus. To take back control of one’s life by closing one’s identity gap, reaching one’s FULL potential, and Making “Shift” Happen.

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  1. I love Anthony’s advice on not caring what other people think. I am going to focus on doing the best job I can so I feel good about what I am doing, not so I will get praise from others.

    • That really resonated with me, too, Jessica! I love your intention to feel good & not relay on the praise of others.

    • cynthia says:

      Thank u so much for sending me books to read you are inspiring me a lot. be blessed.
      the problem l have and which am fighting wth that l need more grace on is:
      1: procrastination
      2: easily giving up due to the fact that l have tried a lot of things and they flopped.
      3: my memory is not 100% well l easily forget things so l dont knw hw l cn further my studies.
      at times when l read the second paragraph l wl not be remembering what l hv read before.
      Thank you in advance and hoping to hear
      Lastly cn u help me wth more inspiring books.

      • Hi Cynthia,

        Identifying the areas where you are struggling is an AMAZING first step to moving forward. This blog post I wrote addresses procrastination and not giving up: . I understand that the memory loss is a major hurdle to overcome, but I absolutely believe that you can still further your studies. There will definitely be more books in the future! Sending much love, support, and positive thoughts your way!

    • AWESOME Jessica :-))))

  2. Kathleen says:

    I have written down Anthony’s statement, “Mastering moments moves mountains” and will put it in a place I see regularly. It was so encouraging to hear his story. I remembered so many moments I did master and realized, yes, I have grown, I am growing. Thinking about how often I am out of my comfort zone. Choosing to go forward. Now. It has been a long time and many moments that have brought me to this place. Thank you Anthony for joining this conversation. Thank you Cynthia for starting it. I am still searching for the answer to WYRHF. The journey continues.

    • I’m so happy to read that Anthony’s words inspired you – he’s such a motivational speaker! Keep searching for what you’re hungry for & I’m so glad that you are sharing this journey!

  3. Brenda Jimenez says:

    I am going to hustle into doing things that make me happy because it’s true, what does it matter what anyone else thinks. By being happy with myself I will be able to focus on everything else in my life that can only be accomplished by hustling.

  4. Milena says:

    Hey, Cynthia,

    Great interview!

    I have a side question (from personal curiosity and more…). Which is…, why are you sitting the way you are sitting- on the edge and not resting your back. It is even more obvious to me in contrast to Anthony…? 🙂 Isn’t that uncomfortable? Or is something prompting you – i.e. to show interest to the interviewee and the subject.

    I am exploring the subject of gender body language and I notice men taking their space (for instance, he is restful with open legs and with his back resting on the chair)… And this is how I became curious about the way you sat during the interview.

    Hope this is isn’t touchy, pushy or impolite to ask. You have the right to sit as you wish, yet I am curious if you noticed and why…

    Warmest regards,

    • Hey Milena!

      Great question! It’s funny, I am always sitting on the edge of my seat – interviewing someone or not. When I work, I sit the same way – never back in my chair and always just perched on the edge.

      I also really do love what the guests have to say and I am always leaning in so I don’t miss anything they say. It also helps me to focus and listen more intently.

      It’s funny, Anthony did lean back but Roy Nelson was on the edge of his seat with me the whole time! We humans are very funny beings sometimes. 😉

    •  Liz Angell August 24, 2012 Hello Judith, Yes you are right that SD stands for singe dose and SCD stands for single collective dose as in one am, one pm and another one am. Hope this helps. Regards Liz

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