Cynthia Garcia - How I Rewrote My Story Got Unstuck and Created the Life of My Dreams
Cynthia Garcia - How I Rewrote My Story Got Unstuck and Created the Life of My Dreams
I Wrote My Stuck Story When I Was Just 8 Years Old. Here’s What Happened…


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I’m a small-town girl who grew up in an insanely dysfunctional home. I rewrote my story, achieved success, and now I help other women leaders create a life and business that’s so good they’re jealous of themselves.
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I'm Cynthia Garcia


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I'm Cynthia Garcia


Feeling stuck? Want to know how to get unstuck? I can help…

I woke up the morning of my 8th birthday as excited as… well, a girl on her 8th birthday!

I couldn’t wait to see if I had a present waiting! Would my mom bake a cake? Would we go for a drive down the old dirt road by my house and play in the creek to celebrate?

The house smelled stale and of old cigarette smoke. The threadbare carpet under my feet as I walked into the living room felt rough.

I was well aware of the fact that my family was poor. “Dirt poor,” as I was often reminded.

We lived in a tiny 3 room house, 4 if you count the kitchen that we had to go outside to enter. We weren’t fortunate enough to have indoor plumbing or an indoor bathroom, and the fridge was usually bare.

As I walked into the living room, there was no birthday present or cake in sight. Just my mom, enjoying her coffee and morning cigarette.

That’s ok, I thought. I’m sure they just want to surprise me later.

I went through my day – reading, fighting with my younger sister, spending time playing in the woods beside my house, enjoying the hot August sun on my face. I could hardly stand the suspense!

As evening rolled around and the sun set, I started to get concerned. Where was my cake? I understood if there was no present. Honestly, I understood if there was no cake. But it was my birthday. Surely someone would say something.

As it was getting close to bedtime, I couldn’t wait any longer. “Do I have a present?” I blurted out to my mom.

“What do you mean?” she said, clearly confused. “Why would you get a present?”

Surprised and with a hurt heart, I replied, “Well, it’s my birthday.”

I’ll never forget what happened next. My mom looked me dead in the eye, no emotion at all on her face, and said, “So?”

And that’s the moment my story was written. It simply read, “I’m not special and I don’t deserve anything.”

That day I became what I refer to as a Visionary Victim. I had lots of great ideas about how to live a better life, change the world, and help others along the way (Visionary), but who was I to think I could make a difference? I wasn’t special and I didn’t deserve good things in life (Victim).

It took me years to rewrite my Stuck Story. And if we’re being honest here (this is a safe space, right?), I still have to rewrite it from time to time.

We all have these stories. And they keep us stuck.

Look… being stuck is painful. And we keep repeating the same cycles over and over and over and feeling like we’re just crazy people.

And I know you’ve tried.

You’ve tried willpower.

You’ve been excited for change, followed the expert or influencer, said you’re going to do it this time, enough is enough… only to find yourself in the same exact spot a few weeks later.

You’ve tried waking up earlier, going to bed earlier, creating new routines, buying that performance planner, reading books…

And after all of this… you still feel stuck.

And all you want to know (so desperately want to know) is how to get unstuck.

Here’s the thing… you stay stuck because you’re focused on the wrong thing.

Leaders stay stuck because of the stories they’re telling themselves. Because of the beliefs lying right below the surface of those stories. We have stories about our success, our failures, our work, our relationships, our health, and our families.

You don’t need a new “blueprint” or “system.” You need a new story.

I can help.

Discover how to get unstuck with celebrity life coach, Cynthia Garcia

Introducing… The Stuck Story Solution

The Stuck Story Solution is a powerful tool that walks you through getting unstuck to create a life, career, and relationships so good you’re only jealous of yourself.

It’s how you get unstuck for good.

It’s three simple steps:

  1. First, you take the Stuck Story Assessment and discover the story that’s holding you back. (You are here!)
  2. Second, grab your free Stuck Story Self-Coaching Method to rewrite your story.
  3. Third, join our free community to get support creating a life, career, and relationships so good you’re only jealous of yourself!

Ready to create a new life that you’re obsessed with? Let’s get started!

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