Cynthia Garcia, Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for
Cynthia Garcia, Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for
Everywhere You Look, You See What You’re Looking For


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I’m a small-town girl who grew up in an insanely dysfunctional home. I rewrote my story, achieved success, and now I help other women leaders create a life and business that’s so good they’re jealous of themselves.
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I'm Cynthia Garcia


Last night, I decided to relax with a little Ram Dass to wind down a long day.

Ram Dass is one of my greatest teachers, a guru, and one of the world’s greatest spiritual guides.

I turned on his podcast and the first thing I heard him say was, “Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for.”

Bam! There it was.

At that point, I could have stopped listening and just spent the rest of the night processing that one thought. Truly, that would have been enough.

Of course, I didn’t. I kept listening.

He said it again, “Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for God, all you will see is God.”

Ahhh, that.

He’s right.

So often we say we want things to be better, to be different. But deep down we don’t believe they can be. So, even though we set goals, make declarations, and decide that nothing will stop us this time, something does.

That something is what we’re looking for.

Even though we say we want a better life, more happiness, a more successful business, or a healthier body, what we’re looking for is the way we will screw up our journey this time.

We’re looking for the failure. The thing that will derail us.

If you are truly looking for a spiritual connection or God, all you will see is God.

You won’t see the “idiot” who cut you off in traffic or the “slow person” that held you up when you got your morning coffee, you will only see God in each of those people. In fact, you will only see God in everyone and in everything.

If you are truly looking for health, happiness, and success, you will see it.

You won’t see the person who isn’t supporting you, the slip-ups you made, or the information you received that was wrong and derailed you, you will only see perfection.

You will only see things that are there to serve and support you. You will only see health, happiness, and success.

But is that what you’re looking for?

If it truly is, then that’s what you will see. That’s all you will see.

If you see something different, then that is what you were looking for to begin with.

Remember, “Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for.”

Sit with that and let it sink in. If you’re fighting against this idea that means it probably holds some truth for you that you aren’t quite willing to own just yet.

That’s ok. In fact, it’s perfect.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now – going through the struggles, celebrating the victories, and questioning the process.

Just remember that every day you get to choose what it is that you are looking for. This means that every day, you get to choose what it is that you see.

“Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for.”

What will you choose to see today?

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  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing this wisdom. It’s so simple, yet so complex and exactly what I needed to hear today!

  2. Hazel Fulton says:

    Dear Cynthia,
    Im not young, but am looking to change direction and want to be doing something that I feel passionate about and enjoy doing, life coaching being my idea. However each day I change my mind and think of something else I’d like to do,
    Why don’t I know instinctively what I should be doing?
    Many thanks

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